Zoey stumbled towards me looking crazed, her hands were outstretched and her eyes were red,

“Zoey!” I yelled trying to get her out of her trance; I could tell things weren’t right. Her hand smacked into my neck and I fell backwards, my air pipe stinging. Seconds later she tumbled down next to me as though she had fainted; I carefully sat up, ignoring the pain in my throat and crouched by her side as she sat up,

“What the Hell?” I asked my voice sounding strange, she looked at me

“Socrates,” she whispered fear saturating her voice, she stood up and fell towards me,

“Sit,” I instructed, I stood up to my full height and headed over to Socrates,

“No! Don’t!” Zoey cried in the distance, I ignored her, Socrates needed to die. I gritted my teeth and ran over towards him, Jake was stalking him from behind but Socrates caught a glimpse of me and glared in my direction. A spray of earth mounded in front of me and I had to stop and change route, I could hear Jake growling at him,

“Jake, help me out here!” I called running at Socrates, Jake froze and then suddenly turned on me, he ran towards me and jumped at me but I ducked and he jumped over my head, he was trying to bite my head off. I knew Jake dislikes me but he wasn’t on a mission to kill me, I knew it was Socrates controlling him with his mind. Jake rounded himself and headed back towards me, sweat covered my forehead but I kept running at Socrates, I tripped on a mole hill and fell just as Jake jumped at me again. He flew over my head and landed on Socrates whose concentration was cut off, Jake landed on his chest with a crunch, I left Jake to rip off his head, it seemed more painful that way. I went immediately back to Zoey and pulled her into a hug, she breathed out as if she’d been holding her breath for the whole time,

“It’s alright, everything’s okay now,” I whispered, Jade was massaging Jake’s fur and he licked her face before turning back and heading into the fight. Jade stood there a tear in her eye,

“I’ve got to get back into the fight, I’m helping no one here,” Zoey said and ran off, I went up to Jade and put an arm around her,

“He just saved my life, sort of,” I said following her gaze to Jake jumping onto Timaeus,

“I love him Marc, I love him so much it hurts,” she began to cry, I pulled her towards me, “I want to hold his hand and never let go because every time I let go it hurts even more,” she pulled away,

“I understand,” I said, “But you have to let go because soon when all this is over you’ll have to part for a much longer time,” I warned, she nodded,

“That’s why I’m dreading the end of this fight as much as I want it to end,”

“We’ll all see each other again,” I told her, “Hey, perhaps we’ll even meet up, you could come to France, we could eat snails and frogs legs,” she laughed bitterly,

“Yum.” I kissed her forehead and left, she needed to concentrate, I needed to see what was going on. There were six left on the field, Atlas, Carnaxa, Socrates and Solon were dead.

Dropides appeared in front of me, she smiled her eyes black, she grinned at me and then narrowed her eyes. “Marc, you’ve always cared about Jade, not as much as Zoey but Zoey is stronger and I know Jade helps keep the group together,” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to give anything away, “so let’s get rid of her, if one of you should die it should be her,” she disappeared. My eyes widened in shock, she was actually going to leave me alive and kill Jade, she knew exactly how to hurt me. No physical pain would be worse than hurting someone I loved, everyone here on the field, if hurt, I would lose part of myself. Especially Jade, she was my best friends, I ran blindly towards where I thought she was, Dropides was already in front of me, she held up one finger which was glowing red. Before I could even reach her, Dropides put it onto Jade’s chest and a small pillar of smoke wafted up, she was burning out Jade’s heart. Jade seemed entranced and wasn’t moving,

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” I screeched so loudly everyone on the field stopped; it was too late, Jade fell to the ground and didn’t move. Everything from this point seemed to happen in slow motion, I turned to look at Jake, he was back into human form, he took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. A tear fell from his eye as he pulled his arms back and let his chest rise, his head move back so he was looking up. He yelled, his voice echoed around the dome, a terrifying noise of agony and anger. His chest seemed to explode and light burst from him, the Black One’s shied away from it. I was close to Dropides, I took her head and pulled, something clicked and she fell to the ground. She blinked at me, unable to move, paralysed for eternity. I left her in excruciating pain – I hoped – and went to help Zoey with Timaeus, she crushed his skull into his brain within a second. Eve and Ben worked on Atlantis and Luke and Ellie were killing off Hermocrates,

“Wait!” I called, Ellie paused and Luke kept Hermocrates in a headlock, “Save her till last, she’s keeping this barrier up,” Luke nodded. William and Lucinda were circling Critias, suddenly she said something and they stopped,

“Kill him!” Ben called, Jake ran towards him and was about to kill when he stopped too. What’s going on? I thought heading over to Critias,

“I surrender,” he said to me, “I haven’t hurt any of you and I don’t want to die,” I shook my head,

“You’re a Black One, you’re going to die,” I said leaving William to blow a hole in his chest. Hercules stood at the end of the dome,

“Let me,” Ben snarled and ran towards him, immortal verses resurrecter, he immediately broke his neck leaving blood dripping down his throat. Jake was knelt by Jade,

“Luke, take Jake and William into Atlantis and kill off the other Hercules, before he resurrects himself again,” Ben instructed, Zoey helped pull Jake away from Jade. He was in a bad state, his eyes bloodshot and his face moulded with anguish. I knelt by Jade as the other disappeared, I touched Jade’s forehead and swept away the blonde hair, she was already cold. I took my fingers and closed her eyes making her look more peaceful, we all stood around Jade waiting for the boys to return – apart from Luke and Ellie who still had Hermocrates, Harriet appeared next to me, she bent down and lay next to Jade. The boys returned and Jake was next to Jade seconds later. He didn’t cry instead he shivered; it was as if he was falling apart, I pitied him and I knew on some scale how he must feel. Harriet still lay next to Jade with her face turned towards her,

“I knew there would be deaths,” she whispered, her voice full of majesty, “Jade meant a great deal to you all, she will never be forgotten.” Everyone was crying apart from Jake, Jake bent down and kissed Jade on the lips, I wiped my eyes. I’d never see Jade again, we’d never eat snails and frog legs, I’d never see her smile or laugh. Jake stood up and turned away,

“I just lost my reason of existence,” he choked. Harriet sat up,

“No, you just lost me.” Harriet said and rested her hand on Jade’s battle scar; she fell to the ground, and began to scream in pain. I had to cover my ears, I’d seen enough pain for a lifetime, finally the screaming ceased and Harriet lay lifeless on the grass. Jade’s eyes blinked open and she sat up, Jake turned around and saw her, 

“Harriet just sacrificed herself for you Jade,” Ellie said, “She was the greatest alliance we could ever form,” Jake kissed Jade passionately, I pulled Zoey close to me and wiped my tears away, this time they were tears of joy. We had defeated the Black Ones, ten deaths to nil – well two – Harriet and Patrick.

“Let Harriet and Patrick never be forgotten,” Jade said in Jake’s arms, Luke finished off Hermocrates and the dome disappeared.

“Where to now?” I asked.

“Home.” Ben said, “We should return home, take Harriet’s body, we shall bury her first,”

The End

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