Ellie- At Long Last

Carnaxa had hit me and Eve, we fell to the ground. But we were fine, Eve jumped up we quickly looked at each other, then nodded. I took to the air again, my wings feeling stronger and faster then before. I could feel the energy buzzing in my blood as I whiled in the air. It was chaos down there, I couldn't work out if we were winning or losing.

The ‘Black Ones' were pretty easy to spot, they were like dark shadows, filling the world with darkness. I couldn't see Carnaxa anywhere and that was bad, she could pop out no-where. I couldn't see Luke either this was also bad.

Then in the corner of my eye I saw the flash of lightening. Remember what  Patrick said, "If she hits your wings, then the lightening will simply bounce off them hitting her". Right I thought, talk about catch me if you can.

The lightening came near me again, Carnaxa eyes fixed on my own. I moved in the air, then I saw Will and Atlas facing each other off by the water fountain. If I can just get in the right position for Carnaxa to attack me, then I might just be able to help Will out for a minute.

"Hey Carnaxa, I take it you never did javelins at school!" I shouted down to her. "Because you're aiming way off!" She snarled in response then blue lightening gathered in her hands, one quick look at Will to see if he had moved. No and neither had Atlas, I scent quick thanks in my head.

"Sweetie I've been easy on you, try this!" She shouted sending a bolt of lightening at me, god I hope this works. I turned my body in a twisted angle, then lightening bounce straight off my wings, but aiming to where Atlas was standing. I turned to see if my plan worked, then I let out a breath. The lightening had landed in the middle of Will and Atlas, surprising both Will and Atlas. Will was faster to react, Will using his wind power blow Atlas into the fountain, making the fountain crumble. Will looked up at me, smiled at me, I return the smile.

Where was Luke? I hated the not knowing, every one was still busy with there own ‘Black Ones'. Surprisingly Carnaxa was no-where to be seen. Again. I flew all over the park, looking for her.

"Ellie, Ellie!" I heard someone call my name, but it wasn't one of my friends, nor was it the ‘Black Ones'.

"Ellie!" Shouting this time I looked round to the ground. I gasped out seeing the figure calling my name.

"Ellie, get out of here!" It was Bradley tied up to a tree.

"Ellie, get out of here!" I spun round again. What the? Bradley tied up, but he was by the rocks. I couldn't believe this. I looked back to the tree, where the other Bradley was tied up.

"Ellie just go, get out of here." They both shouted at the same time. This could only mean one thing. Dropides. She could take any form; in this case she decided to be Bradley. But which was which?

"Listen Ellie it's a trap. Get out of here!" The Bradley tied up to the tree shouted.

"Don't work it out just go!" The Bradley tied up by the rocks Shouted.

Where's Marc? Unless something happened to Zoey or one of the others and he lost track of Dropides?

"Left or right Ellie?" Carnaxa voice suddenly interrupted. "Brings back memories doesn't it?" She laughed.

"The only differentness is." Hearing the fury in my voice as I spoke. "This time, I hit you in the face for hurting my family."

"I noticed that you didn't say kill, little Ellie." Carnaxa commented. "Sweet innocent little Ellie. What would your mother say?"

Naturally my hand went to the swallow tattoo my stomach, thinking of my mum. Carnaxa smiled moved out of sight, so fast I nearly missed it.

"Ellie!" I ignored the calling of my name; I was hovering in-between both of them, unsure of what to do. Then suddenly, in a whispered gentle voice, I could hear my mums voice inside my head.

"Pixie Ellie, listen to me you've been lead into a trap. If you want to save Bradley then look for a sign. Move fast Pixie Ellie..."

Mum? How did she?  But I didn't have time to think about that now. Look for a sign, like what? They were both still shouting my name, then I could hear the sound of birds wings? I looked round trying to see... a swallow? But this was no originally swallow, it was white and a golden glow surrounded it. It was beautiful and was flying down to the ground, towards the Bradley tied up to the tree.

"Move fast Pixie Ellie."  I shot down to the tree as fast as well lightening.

"Ellie, it's me truly." I started to untie the rope. "Pixie Ellie."  Bradley smiled.

"How did you know that?" I questioned worried that I got the wrong one, moving the rope away.

"Your mum told me, the day that she died. I'll tell you more later, right now we haven't got time before"-

"I hate to break up the family reunion, but we have unfinished business." Carnaxa voice sounded a little to close for my liking. I turned round slowly, me and Carnaxa where face to face with each other.

"What now, ‘Pixie Ellie'?" Using my nickname, my mother's nickname for me, it made me see red. Then I did see red, well blood, her blood on my hand. I hit her with all my anger that filled my body. I pushed Bradley over by the trees, then went into the air.

"Come on then Carnaxa, this is what you wanted. Me! Now come and get me!" I shouted smiling. "Catch me if you can." I winked.

She whipped some of the blood away from her lip and lightening came shooting at me. Still smiling and not moving to the last minute I shouted, "Good always conkers evil." Then I turned, her lightening hitting my wings hard painfully, re-bounded off them. I could hear her scream before I turned back round.

The lightening struck her, straight in the heart. Her whole body quivered and fell to the ground, unmoving. I wanted to be sure that she was really dead. I moved closer to her, ready for any sudden movements. She was dead. I killed Carnaxa. Carnaxa dead. I did it all by myself, well strictly speaking I did have some help. Mum.

My eyes were sudden wet thinking of the swallow. It was mum it had to be, she spoke to me. I stood up and walked away from Carnaxa dead body. But it was all too much for me. I dropped to the ground, curled up in a tiny tight ball and the tears, that hadn't once cried in years, fell like rain drops down my face.        





The End

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