The fight had just begun, standing in the front line, the Black Ones seemed to hit me every single way. I tossed one aside like a doll-I don't recall who-and whipped around, looking for my next battle.

Everything around me seemed to move in slow motion, as Socrates stood in the midst of the crowd, smiling devilishly as me, smug amusement dancing in his eyes. I ground my teeth, tightening my fists.

"Your such a sweet little girl, too bad we have to kill you," he mocked me. "You can't beat me. None of you can beat me."

Fury flaired in my blood as I stepped forward to charge at him, but my muscles locked, cramping painfully. Agony twisted my features, frozen in my position. He was controlling my own muscles! Unable to scream out, I fought against his control over me, fighting for the use of my own body. My limbs trembled, burning and feeling as if they were being ripped apart. Ha, ha, ha. I heard Socrates' horrible slimey voice in my head. This is fun. I can't believe I haven't thought of this before...humm, you can complete our job more easily then we could. Have you kill your own friends...I screamed out in my mind, using my remaining energy to push against him. He only seemed more amused, his disgusting laughter echoing in my mind. Helplessly, he turned me around, having me walk over to the back of our group. I had an odd gimp in my step, stumbling about-Socrates didn't know how to properly control my body. Marc, Jade, and Lucinda stood at the back our group there, coming into my sights.

NO! You terrible bastar-!

How epic, I'll have you strangle your own lover! Goodness, goodness that sounds quite evil of me, does it not? Socrates continued, walking me in my odd fashion towards Marc.

I felt he was strangling my own mind, so that I could not even reply with a thought. Marc turned his gaze to me, searching my eyes with a note of concern and curiousity. Tears bloomed in my eyes. No one realized what was wrong with me!

Socrates pushed my muscles into running, charging towards Marc with my hands outstretched. "ZOEY!" Marc cried out, Jade screaming as my hands landed on Marc's throat. Socrates' evil laughter faded in my head, turning into an ear-piercing shriek which felt like it shattered my skull. He let go of my muscles, all of him leaving my body as I tumbled to the ground, my limbs loose and aching, my vision blurry.

My muscles feeling like taffy, I pushed myself to a sitting position, slightly dizzy as I looked around our battlefield. Jake the Cheetah was attacking Socrates, blood across the Black One's arm and blood staining Jake's mouth. Marc crouched at my side, his eyes wild with fear. One more second and I could have snapped his neck. I felt sick, like I was going to vomit.  "What the hell?" he said hoarsly, almost afraid to get too near to me.

"Socrates." I swallowed, my spit tasting like blood. I didn't want to move, my body still hurting terribly, but I pushed myself to my feet, staggering slightly. Marc caught me in his strong arms, glaring at Socrates, still fighting Jake, with a determined stare.

"Sit." he said gently to me, setting me on the ground. Straightening, he began to march over in the direction of Socrates and Jake.

"No-don't!" I cried weakly, but he did not hear, leaving me with Jade and Lucinda to advance on Socrates.

The End

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