I double checked the sign post, “Yes we’re in the Bay of Cadiz,” I told Luke and put the phone down,

“What now?” Jake asked kicking the sand,

“Now we wait for Luke to pick us up,” I smiled and sat down on the white sand, Jake sat down next to me and nudged me, I turned to him and he smiled and shook his wet hair like a dog,

“Eww gross Jake!” I cried shying away from the water droplets, he laughed sounding carefree and happy, the sun soaked into my skin and I laughed with him. He stopped suddenly and turned to me his eyes probing; I stared into his deep eyes,

“Jade, this whole thing will end in a matter of days or hours,” he began, “I just want to let you know that whatever happens I still want to be with you, I know we’ll both have to return to our families. I’ll visit you as often as I can and I hope you’ll come and stay with me in England,” he grinned, “I am in love with you, I want to be with you for forever and I promise to love you no matter what,” I couldn’t reply as his lips crushed onto mine, his sweet warm breath filled my head with incoherency and I relished the moment.

“Ach-hum,” Luke said in front of us, I pulled away,

“Luke!” I cried and stood up, “You found us!”

“I sure did, come here Jade,” he wrapped his arms around me in a vice hug, air flew around me and I felt as if I was upside-down, suddenly we were in, what I presumed was, London. I was left standing there as he disappeared and moments later came back with Jake, I sighed in relief as he guided us into the hotel where we would meet the rest. Jake took my hand and led me into the Ritz, it was extremely posh and I tried to act civilised as we were reunited back with our friends, all but William and Lucinda who Luke had gone to fetch.

Once everyone had gathered we were able to talk, Ben and Eve told us of their misfortune and how Atlas was now out of the picture, I noted that William and Lucinda looked relieved. We all piled into a meeting room, paid for by Jake, so we could discuss the events and plans. As soon as we were seated Harriet entered, she nodded to us and sat at the head of the table. There was a low, solid, loud knock on the old wooden door, it opened slowly and a man walked in, he stood next to Harriet and looked at us,

“Meet us in one hour at Green Park,” he snarled and then disappeared into the air,

“Was that Timaeus?” Ellie asked me, I shook my head, I knew what he looked like as well as I knew what Jake looked like, that wasn’t him.

“I reckon it was Dropides.” Marc said, “She can change into anything,” he explained.

“We have one hour,” Harriet said standing up, “We have already had one loss; Patrick sacrificed himself for three lives, we must not lose anymore!” she cried. Zoey put her arm around her as she wept,

“Come on, let’s get to the park and have a scout around,” I said getting up, I felt totally useless sitting in a posh hotel. We all crossed the road to Green Park, I could see Buckingham Palace in the distance and if I wasn’t on a life threatening mission I’d have taken a photo. Jake put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my hair, I noticed William and Lucinda were also sharing an intimate moment. None of us knew what to expect but we all knew that lives could be lost, I spoke up,

“Stick with your partner, we stand stronger united,” I instructed, “Harriet, hide, use your power as you see fit and we hope the timing will be perfect, we don’t want you to be killed, there are plenty of bushes around.” She nodded, “Fight using different tactics, ones which they will not expect and good luck,” I said. Jake suddenly pulled me into a hug and breathed out in contentment, whatever was going to happen as long as I was with Jake I would be happy.

“It’s time,” Ben said looking at his watch, both Marc and then I closed our eyes, I listened out for footsteps of nine people, I guess Marc was mind-mapping them, I couldn’t head anything,

“Up above!” Marc called; we all looked to see an invisible platform with each individual Black One on it. Hercules was blowing people away from a 200 meter proximity, the innocent humans flew away, some attempted to run to keep their balance. Then Hermocrates threw her arms in the air and a huge cage landed around us.

“They’re trying to trap us!” Ellie cried,

“No,” I shook my head, “They’re making this area invisible from onlookers,” I said. They landed in the far corner and stood there watching us, I could see their black eyes from 200meters away, Carnaxa threw her hands into the air and a huge lightning bolt hit the central ground.

“It has begun!” Jake screamed jumping onto his arms but just as he did so he turned a fierce tiger in front of me, I readied myself, my senses were useless in fights, but I could help prevent deaths by warning people of attackers. For a moment my senses enhanced and I could feel what each person in the dome was feeling. The Black Ones continued to run at us.

Ellie was in the air to the left and Eve stood ready at the right, Zoey stood at the front line with Ben and Jake, Luke was at the back with me and Marc. William also stood just behind the front line with Lucinda, I was directly behind Jake and I was going to stay with him as much as I could. Suddenly Lucinda dropped to the ground as Solon stared at her, pain inflicting her to collapse, Luke teleported over to her and brought her back to the back line, William remained focused which I knew was hard for him. Eve began to run around the group so she could attack from behind but she suddenly became glued to the floor, Ellie flew over to her and pulled her up into the air as Atlantis’ power was weakened by Harriet in the bush. Carnaxa threw a lightning bolt at Ellie and Eve and they both fell to the ground, just as Jake secured his teeth around her neck. Our plan, get the strongest opponents out first. I could feel air wafting through my hair and I noticed Hercules blowing with all his might, trying to push us away, Harriet’s power was still degrading theirs, Ben landed a punch in his jaw which I heard click as he fell to the ground. William was trying to do something by the small pond,

“What’s William doing?” I asked Marc, he shrugged; suddenly a layer of water came crashing down on the main group of Black Ones and the front line of Atlantis Warriors. William was beaming; he could control water as well as air. I turned to Jake who was at the mercy of Solon leaving Lucinda able to multiply herself to the hundred, ninety seven of which kept appearing and disappearing as Harriet changed from enhancing our powers to degrading theirs.  It was making Hemocrates and Timaeus very confused as Lucinda attacked. I ran towards Jake who was still cringing in pain, I couldn’t do much but seeing Jake’s face made me so angry, I launched a kick at Solon’s leg as hard as I could and she fell down leaving Jake to recover. Jake got up and kissed my head turning straight back into a cheetah, I looked around the fight had only just begun but I could tell we weren’t winning. Yet.

The End

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