"Jade.. Reckon you can swim from here?" I grumbled lowly. I felt the water shake as each word was spoken. It was crazy. A whale. One of the hugest mammals on earth. Jade felt like an ant, sat on top of me.

"Why? I think so, if your with me." I heard Jade say from a distance on my back. 

"Well it's just the waters getting shallower, and my body won't go further like this." I said to her. I felt her pat me gently, and I changed into me again. 

The water was still very deep, so much that it was pitch black.

"This is freaky." I whispered, moving closer to Jade.

"Tell me about it. We don't know where we are. There could be sharks here." She said back to me. I thought about it, thinking what I could do.

"I've got an idea. At this point a whale is too big, but if I change into a shark I can swim further. Don't be scared okay?" 

She nodded, and I kissed her lightly. Man, even soaked in water she was still beautiful. 

I changed and felt Jade climb on my back.

"If any sharks are near by, then they'll think twice coming towards us now." I heard Jade say.

I swam ahead, going really fast. I curved in and out, my fins doing there work. I knew it must have been hard for Jade to hold on, but I wanted to get out of this ocean. 

Soon enough Jade spotted land.

"JAKE! I SEE IT! A BEACH!" She yelled excitedly. I changed again into me, and looked in the direction. Sure enough, there lay a white beach.

"We'll swim from here, people will panic if they see me as a shark." I told her.

Fifteen minutes later, we were standing on the sand. 

"Where on earth are we?" I mumbled. 

Two people walked past, the woman in a tiny, black bikini and the man in blue speedos. They were talking in a language I didn't understand, in the slightest.

"Spain." Jade whispered. I looked at her.

"There language. It's Spanish." She told me. 

"Right then, ring Luke, tell him." I said to her. She pulled out the phone and surprisingly the water hadn't damaged it. I watch her dial his number, and wait nervously. 

"He's not answering." She said. 

"Pass it here." I said, taking the phone from her hands. Sure enough, nobody answered.

Just then the phone rang. 

"Hello?" I said down the phone.

"Jake. Is Jade okay?" 

It was Marc. I told him we were fine and that we were in Spain. Jade took the phone from me, and I watched her as she listened biting her bottom lip. A few minutes later she put the phone down.

"What now?" I asked.

"Now we wait for Luke to pick us up." She said.

The End

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