To say that it was uncomfortable, would be a under statement. The only thing that was good thing about it was Luke. His strong safe arms were wrapped around my body never letting go. My eyes were shut tight I didn't want to think about where we would land. Then we finally fell onto the ground, well grass.

"Where are we?" Luke said getting his breathing under control.

"Ireland, by the looks of it," I replied panting, "My homeland." Luke chuckled in response. We were both lying in country lane; all I could see was green.

"How do you know that?" He asked pulling me up, we both brushed our clothes down.

"Irish girl knows her homeland Luke." I replied smiling.

"More like Irish pixie." He shot back taking my hand as we walked down the lane.

I giggled again it felt nice, even though out all of the troubles that we had, Luke made me feel good. He had woken up another side of me, which had been closed off for almost a year.

"Come on American boy, there's a sign up a-head; maybe it will tell us what part of Ireland we're in." I pulled his willing hand and stopped.

"Dunsany 15 miles." I said reading the sign.

"Dunsany?" Luke repeated looking puzzled.

"Yer, come on looks like it's going to rain." We carried on walking down the lane, holding hands.

"I hope they ok." I said breaking the silence. "The others I mean, aren't they suppose to call or something?"

"Well I'm meant to collect everyone and then we end up in London. Should we call them?" Luke replied.

"We could try it, weather they are able to get to the phone or whatever." I began searching my pockets for the phone. But it wasn't there. "Erm Luke, did Harriet give you the phone, because mine gone."

"Ellie this isn't really the time to joke." Luke said looking in his pockets. "You got to be joking!" Luke's looked at his empty hands.

"O'my god." I gasped out. "Dam fuc-."

"Ellie?!" Luke voice sounded surprised at my choice of words.

"Sorry. We need a phone; I have a feeling that's all." I carried on walking.

"What you remember everyone's number? Ellie that's impossible, that's, that's..." Luke trailed off but carried on walking with me.

"Wait, what's that?" Luke questioned seeing the stone building in front of us. I smiled knowing ecstatically what it was.

"Caisleán Dhun Samhna." His expresion was intersting. "Or to you. Dunsany Castle, from what I can remeber it dates back to the 13th century." I infomed him.

"A castle, hunted?" Luke asked.

"I don't know, hopefully these a phone." I shrugged. Then it started to rain.

"Great, hopefully the doors are open!" Luke shouted over the rain and thunder. We started to run though the rain, but i triped over a branch as we grow close to the Castle. Luke stopped and bent down.

"Are you ok?" He asked looking deepy into my eyes, I could feel the warmth in   those beautiful eyes of his.

"Yes." I whispered, then my hands were in his black hair, Luke's arms were around me. Our lips meet and the fire between us. That kiss was unbelievable, the rain made it only special between us. Eventually, we pulled back gasping for air.   

"I think I see a light on." Luke pointed to the Castle, I forgotten all about it. We stood up and made a run for the Castle door, knocking it hard. Then the door opened making both me and Luke gasped at the same time.

"Welcome to Dunsany Castle, my, my you're socked to the bone. Come in and dry off." The women had thick Irish accent, but that wasn't what was stopping me from entering. "Is everything alright my dears?"

"Erm. I.I. you just. Wha"-

"Can I ask you what your name is?" Luke blurted out.

"Harriet, now come inside your freeze out here." She gestured us inside.

"This is just well, yer, interesting." Whispering to Luke.  I looked closely at Harriet as she stood in front of us.

"No kidding." Luke whispered back. "What do we do now"?

"So, how did you two younger's end up caught in this weather? Who are you?" Harriet asked. An idea suddenly came to my head, Luke was about to say his name when I hit him sharply.

"Rebecca and Micheal are car broke down and we didn't have a phone on us." I explained Luke gave me a puzzled look; I looked at him, pleading with him not to say anything.

He nodded and smiled. "Yer, woman driver hey." He joked I took his hand and dug my nails into him. "Ell-Rebecca, you know I don't mean it." Luke correcting himself looked down at me.

"Have you got a phone?" I asked Harriet.

"Yes, though that door, would you like a drink?" She pointed to the door; me and Luke made our way over to the room. After Luke had closed the door he turned to me. The room was a small lounged, old sofa's and a book case was the only things in the room.

"Ok so what was that all about?" He dammed.

"Sorry, but you never know who you can trust. The idea just came into my head that's all." I explained. "Where's the phone?"

"There, guess I see your point." He smiled and came with me to the phone, looking amused at how I was going to do this.

I closed my eyes trying to remember; from what I could remember, they were it was different from using numbers. Then I gasped out remembering, then I looked at the phone key's.

"Yes, yes!" This had to work, I began pressing the numbers.

"Hello?" The voice said on the other end of the line.

"Marc! O'my god it worked!"

"Ellie? Is that you?" Marc asked.

"Yes and Luke, though he looking a bit shocked at the moment." I replied almost laughing. Wow I couldn't believe that it worked, Luke was still looking at me ‘gone out'. "Can you hang on a minute, Marc?"

"Yer sure."

"How the hell"? Luke mouthed.

"I text him." I said simply.

"Text?" Still confused he closed his eyes.

"Look, the keys have letters on, don't ask me how I knew but. I remembered something about the numbers fro each of our phones. Then something clicked. It was like texting our names." Luke opened his eyes. "All I had to do was text in Marc name, I know it strange but hey it worked."

"That's just. Confusing, brilliant but. I think I get ya. Look we better inform the others about where we are." Luke had to sit down holding his head in his hands.

I carried on talking to Marc telling him, that we where in Dunsany Castle Ireland and that we lost our mobile. I also told him about the name thing that we used and of course about Harriet.

"Your joking, Harriet Double?"

"Believe me I'm not. Look our number should be saved on your phone, tell the others." I told him, we called off then saying we would speck soon. I sighed then felt Luke's arms around my waist.

"Recovered yet?" I whispered.

"Not really but this is helping." He turned me round and kissed my cheek.

"We might need to get some four leaf clovers while we're here." Thinking that they bring luck and boy did we need it.

"We're get some after." Then his lips were own mine and the world stopped.  



The End

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