Ellie collapsed in the middle of what she was saying and I caught her before she hit the ground. She was freezing cold. I held her close to me, carrying her in my arms, before catching up with the others. I was completely ignoring all conversation.

It didn't take long for Ellie to rouse. I was enjoying holding her but set her on her feet once her eyes fluttered: I knew she hated showing weakness. I kept an arm wrapped around her waist to support her as we staggered (well, she staggered) back to the house. She seemed to regain strength as we walked.

We were the last to enter the house and as I shut the door Ellie asked: "Does anyone want something to drink?" William shook his head then glanced at Lucinda.

"Could you make Lucinda a hot drink?" he asked. Lucinda shot him a look but said nothing. Some of the others took Ellie up on her offer and after receiving everyone's requests she headed for the kitchen. I followed, naturally. 

"Want any help?" I offered. She shook her head, shooting me a smile.

"Nah, I got it," she assured me. I sat on a chair and watched her as she boiled the water and hunted for cups. I was admiring her strength and beauty. I chuckled as she struggled to reach come mugs on the top shelf. I casually walked over and got them down. She glared at me.

"I could have gotten them," she retorted.

"Sure you could," I said sarcastically with a grin and put the mugs down. I stepped away, with a mocking bow, allowing her to continue with her task. I edged closer until I was standing right behind her again. She turned around and jumped about a foot in the air.

"Luke!" she shrieked, "Geez, boy, why do you ha-" I cut her off by putting my hands on her waist and kissing her softly on the lips. When I pulled back, she seemed frozen in shock.

"Sorry," I muttered, "I..." my voice trailed away. I didn't know what to say.

"Shut up," Ellie advised. I grinned broadly at her. Her hands rested on my chest and she stood up on tiptoe to kiss me again. We pulled away at the same time.

"The others will be wondering what's keeping us," Ellie whispered then grinned wickedly, "They'll think you're trying to steal my innocence."

"You? Innocent?" I scoffed but smiled and helped her to pick up the drinks. Ellie smacked my arm and picked up the remaining drinks. I checked that none had been left and turned to see Ellie was already walking to the lounge.

"Oh, Ellie," I called she stopped to look at me, "Love you." She gave me a stunning smile.

"Love you, too," she responded and then we walked into the lounge. We were so wrapped up in our happiness that we didn't immediately detect the tense atmosphere. Ellie distributed the drinks and we kept giving each other smiles. Everyone had their drinks which meant Ellie could come and stand by me.

"Are we all going to get along now?" Zoey demanded, looking at William and Jake in particular. Ellie and I glanced at each other. What did we miss? The two of them nodded.

"Good," Zoey said then, looking utterly defeated, went to sit by Marc.

"We've all had a long night," Jade spoke up, "I think we shoud all try and get some sleep." We all agreed. Each one headed for their own room. I left Ellie outside her own.

"See you in a minute," I whispered and kissed her quick, "Wouldn't want anyone thinking I was stealing your innocence." She giggled, something I didn't recall her ever doing before. I headed for my own room. I took off my shirt and pulled on a baggy t-shirt instead, which was much more comfortable.

I teleported to Ellie's room about ten minutes later. She was sitting on the bed with her back to me and brushing her hair. I smiled and moved to kiss the back of her neck.

"Too scared to sleep alone?" she teased and turned around smiling. I rolled my eyes. I stayed with her all night, sleeping with her in my arms.


Great, so we have to get sucked through the ground and then I have to teleport all over the world, acting as a supernatural taxi. Who the hell signed me up for this? I was staring at the place where Marc and Zoey had just disappeared. Ellie and I were the last to go through. Harriet nodded to us and we returned the nod. We clung to each  other. The next thing I knew was we were sinking.

It. Was. Horrible. I never, ever want to repeat the expirience again. Somehow we didn't get suffocated or sucked into the core of the earth. We fell out in the middle of nowhere.

"Where are we?" I breathed.

"Ireland, by the looks of it," Ellie was panting, "My homeland." I chuckled, I don't know why: it just seemed funny.

Now I just had to wait for the phone calls to begin.

The End

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