We all gathered around the hole, Harriet stood there looking strained and the rest of us had blank expressions on our faces. I took Jake’s hand and smiled as he squeezed it,

“Crossing to Earth will require a lot of bravery,” Harriet spoke out, “There’s a place we call limbo, you have to act quickly when you get there, if you don’t you’ll be sucked into the core,”

“The core of the earth?” Luke asked,

“Quite so, limbo is dark and disorientating, that is why we are all going in pairs,” Harriet explained, “William and Lucinda, you first,” Harriet instructed, “Hold each other in a hug and don’t let go. Once you get into limbo, Lucinda you multiply and try and find the hole into Earth, you will have roughly thirty seconds,” she explained.

“Where will we land on Earth?” William asked, Harriet beamed at him,

“Well done for reminding me son, here take these,” she handed us all mobile phones, “Luke it will be your job to collect everyone from the different points on the earth, we will all assemble in London,”

“London?” I beamed, she nodded,

“As long as you hold onto each other, you will arrive in the same place as them, ring Luke after five minutes and he’ll teleport to wherever you are and carry you back to London. Remember to remain inconspicuous and not to give away to any human the fact you possess magic powers,” she warned, “Ready?” Lucinda gripped William and William did the same to Lucinda, “Do not let go,” Harriet warned. William and Lucinda edged over to the hole and suddenly began to melt away; they sunk into the hole and disappeared.

“Give them a moment,” Harriet told us, “Jake and Jade it will be you next,” she said. A minute later my head was against Jake’s chest and we were shuffling over to the hole, I had made fists of Jake’s shirt and his arms were locked in a vice around me. We began to sink and I kept my head buried in Jake’s safe chest, darkness enclosed around us and I couldn’t breathe, I held my breath and squeezed my eyes shut. Suddenly we seemed to me falling, my fingers loosened and I let go of Jake for a moment, luckily Jake’s arms were strong and held me to him. There was nothing but darkness around us but I seemed to be slipping out of Jake’s hands, the force of gravity was strong here and I tried to catch Jake’s arms as I fell out of his grip.

“Jade!” he shouted as he let go of me and I plummeted towards the ground, or wherever I was doomed. I somersaulted, flailed my arms and legs around me, I screamed and landed on something soft. Something so soft I kept cascading through it, like feathers or leaves. Something heavy landed on top of me just as I hit the floor, the breath was knocked out of me, my head spun as Jake pulled me up and carried me in his arms. He was looking for the next hole, I gingerly opened my eyes and with my good eyesight I could make it out,

“To your left,” I cried, Jake moved right, “Other way!” I shouted, he went forward, “Right!”

“I’m so disorientated and it’s pitch black,” he complained, we’d been in here for twenty seconds. He took me backwards, I wriggled down and yanked him towards the hole, he tripped on the dark floor and fell,

“Get up!” I screamed at him, he crawled towards me, we had three seconds, his arms wrapped around me and we began to sink slowly down into the hole. I sighed in relief as light appeared around us, Jake’s arms were gripped around me even tighter than before, my heart lurched as I look down and saw we were falling down into the sea.

“I hadn’t thought of this!” I cried, “How will Luke find us if we are in the sea?” Jake’s heart beat was hammering against my head,

“Whatever happens Jade, I want you to know. I. Love. You!” he shouted as we hit the water. Suddenly he became too big for my arms to fit all around him, it was as if he’d burst, something big and blue expanded beneath me. It felt rubbery and soft, I looked around to find Jake, a surge of water blew up a few meters in front of me and covered me with small water droplets. I began to laugh as I looked all around me,

“To the land.” Said a voice so low it was more of a deep groan, I kissed the Blue Whale and thumped him twice so he knew how much I appreciated his power and quick thinking.

“Come on Jake the big Blue Whale, take us to safety!” I shouted towards his head, he blew up another cascade of water and began to move west.

The End

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