After the fight between Jake and William I was feeling a little better, William didn’t like Jake either, I didn’t know why I still had an aversion to him. I really wanted to get on with him but he just had something about him, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I sighed and slipped my hand into Zoey’s on the way upstairs,
“What’s bothering you?” she asked,
“Nothing,” I lied, she lifted her eyebrows probingly, “Fine, there is something. The fight just now, it’s bothering me, if we can’t act as a team now, will we ever?” I asked,
“Don’t worry, emotions are high and we haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages,” she answered, “everyone is just tired,” she amended as we reached her bedroom, “including me,” she said and kissed me goodnight going into her box and closing the door. I did the same and shut my door behind me; a wave of air blew through my hair,

“Strange,” I spoke aloud to myself, “there are now windows to create a draft,” I took off my T-shirt and got into bed; I closed my eyes and drifted into an uneasy sleep.


Jake, William, Ben and Luke were all stood facing me. Their eyes were as red as blood and every small movement I made, they copied. I blinked and smiled at them unsure of what to do, Ben hissed at me and darted forward.

“No one who moves from Earth to Atlantis will be able to travel freely between to the two worlds again,”

“There is always consequences for the journey,” hissed Luke coming behind me,

“What type of consequences?” I stuttered as William came up close to my face,

“Death,” whispered Jake in my ear, “Death to all you love,”

“Why is that a consequence?” I asked, “How will it happen?”

“The shaft between the two worlds has opened, each journey weakens your loved ones so you can travel, there must be enough energy to travel into the parallel,” Ben said gripping my arm,

“Eve opened the shaft, with the help of Atlantis, she manipulated the gravity from the Earth pulling Atlantis towards it,” Luke growled taking my other arm,

“It must be closed or all the power from Atlantis will leak away, and the parallel will collapse into the Earth killing everyone,” William took my head in his two hands,

“The only way we can stop this is by creating consequence, if you travel into Earth Zoey will fall down dead,” Jake took both my legs. I was left dangling between them, they began to pull me apart, pull my legs and arms and head. I knew any moment I would be ripped apart. My legs dislocated, my arms broke and my head was decapitated.


My eyes flew open, I thought I was outside and it was raining but I realised it was my sweat. I got out of bed and checked I had all my limbs attached, my hair was damp and I needed a shower, it was 6am. I grabbed a towel and found the bathroom, letting the water cascade down onto my head leaving me feeling fresh and cool. My hands had finally stopped shaking as I rubbed myself dry and got dressed, I didn’t know if the dream had been a message or just my imagination, I chose the latter and decided not to tell anyone about it. I didn’t want to make them think I was against them, and plus none of them had red eyes; I put it down to my hatred of Jake.

“Hey man,” Jake smiled coming out his room, he stopped in front of me, I shivered involuntarily,


“You’re up early,” he noted, a wide grin spread across his face,

“So are you,” I replied, he nodded,

“The early bird catches the worm,” the grin was still there, seemingly glued to his face,

“Why are you so happy?” I asked,

“Today is a fresh day and I feel we can make a lot of progress in the next 24 hours,” he replied and walked off, whistling. A second later Jade appeared out the same room, I raised an eyebrow,

“Seen Jake?” she asked,

“Bathroom,” I replied,

“Fine, I have to show you instead,” she took my arm and dragged me into the animal’s – I mean Jake’s – room, she opened his wardrobe and climbed in. She disappeared out the back; I followed and appeared in her room.

“Oh, how exciting,” I said sarcastically,

“This house is full of secret tunnels, Harriet told me,” Jade grinned,

“Right,” I glanced at her bed, she had obviously slept here, I therefore had no juicy gossip about Jake and Jade. I left her room and went downstairs, Harriet was there, she had tearstained eyes,

“What’s up Harriet?” I asked concerned,

“Patrick left,” she cried bursting into tears,

“I’m sure he’ll come back,” I told her,

“No,” she shook her head, “He heard you last night, he went to find Eve and Ben, crossing between the two parallels is dangerous. I told him not to go, he didn’t listen, I just found his hat on top of that soil down the road.” She sniffled,

“He’ll be back, along with Eve and Ben,” I comforted her. She tried to smile and then passed me an omelette, I grinned and tucked in. Jake and Jade arrived closely followed by Ellie and Luke, Zoey came to sit next to me and ate a bowl of cereal. It was strangely quiet in the house, Harriet explained about Patrick.

“I vote we all go,” Jade said,

“We decide where the battle is,” Jake agreed, “Let’s make the battle happen on Earth,”

“Does it matter where?” Zoey checked with Harriet, she shook her head,

“No, it’s just dangerous crossing the shaft,”

“How?” I asked, my dream coming back to me,

“If you get stuck in-between the two worlds, you will never get out,” she explained.

“Okay everyone meet in the lounge in ten minutes, we’re going back to Earth!” Jade called and we all disappeared to prepare for the crossing.

The End

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