Failure, it rang in my ears like piercing accusation. You already failed. Couldn't even protect them at a safe house. I stared at the ground where Eve had disappeared. Two things happened at once. I made a choice and something clicked. My head snapped up,


They all looked up.

"I think I know what's going on here. When they get sucked into the ground they are being sucked into the other parallel! Eve is in our world now. That's how it works! Someone has  been bridging them."

Realization dawned on their faces. 

"I'm going after her. I'm invincible, besides this might lead to my dad. You guys stay together! Always stay with a partner!"

I turned to Jake.

"You’re the strongest here now. Protect them.”

I didn’t need to look to know the other guys squirm in anger. Jake nodded solemnly. I continued,

“We may have come to a parting of ways now. Ellie’s father needs help. I need to find Eve.”

Jade wasn’t convinced, “What if this just a trap and their waiting for you?”

I shook my head.

“Then it’s a trap, I have no choice.” I glanced around at all of them.

“On the risk of sounding cliché, you guys are the best friends I ever had.”

They smiled. I walked up to the hole and unable to resist, I said in deep voice,

“I’ll be back.”

With that I sprang into the hole all scales. It felt as if someone were pushing me through a massive layer of Jell-O. The strange sensation lasted only a second. Then I found myself standing in New York City in the famous juncture with the big TV on the building. I froze and terror gripped my heart. Lying on the floor with a black claw on it was an envelope. Without opening it I knew Jade was right. 


Hey guys I kinda took the initiative here. Your welcome to follow me into the hole here if you want to. Also I like my character a lot. So when ever this exercise is over I would like to have my own story with him. So don’t kill him off or make him lose his powers. (unless your REALLY have to). :D 

The End

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