I stood by the bed feeling more and more uneasily. The room reminded me of the hospital. All white and only one exit, it brought back memorise that I wished to hide away. I was over tired and irritable I couldn't relax in this room. I jumped at the sound of Luke suddenly appearing. Again.

"I did knock," He told me with his boyish grin. I rolled my eyes and I glazed at his muscular chest which was on full view from his unbuttoned shirt. Luke smiled even more making me smile too. Then he got down to business, he told me about Eve being missing. Another meeting then I thought.

"I bet you loved him waking you up," I muttered to him. Luke smiled and came over and kissed my forehead, so sweetly I wanted to pull him closer to me.

"I've got to go tell the others," He whispered before jetting off to inform the others.

Luke's arms wrapped around me in the meeting, it felt nice it was like he really didn't care what they thought. We both just looked at each other thinking the same thing. It was decided that we would go and see where Eve was last and try and pick up on some clues. Luke hand fell into mine as we all walked out into the night. It was cold and I noticed that I was leaning on Luke, my small legs were slow and we fell to the back.

"Are you ok?" Luke whispered stopping us.

"I've had worse. I'm good." I lied smiling my fake smile that I gotten used to using on people. "Really."

Luke sighed holding my other hand. "You're freezing Ellie. Now tell me the truth." I looked at him puzzled. "I can see it all in your face." How can he know that face? No body knew that face.

"Overly tired. I didn't sleep well last night" We caught up with the rest of the group then. "I did like sleeping next to you, I felt safe even with everything going on." I whispered.

 I can smell something," Jade whispered quietly even though nobody was around, "it smells all earthy,"

"Sure it's not Jake?" I joked, Jade smiled and shook her head, she down of Jake and crouched to the ground. Jade ran her hands along the soil.  Wait soil? That didn't make sense; we were standing on the pavement. The soil didn't look right here.

 "She's been sucked under." Jade told us all. O'god! This was not good. Jake went down to her, picking up a hand full of dirt himself in his hand.

"Your right. The Black Ones." Jake suggested.

"Should we tell Patrick and Harriet?" Zoey asked.

"We could but. What are we going to do?" Marc who was standing next to Zoey replied.

"We could follow her but then what? Marc could you track her?" Ben asked Marc.

"I. I could try it. I didn't sense Eve leave until it was too late. And her path was faint." Marc explained.

"Guy's I hate to be the one to say it but." Luke began. "How are we going to get out? Or where Eve is?"   

He had good point if Eve was ‘sucked under', then how were we meant to find her. This was hurting my head I was still leaning on Luke body, his arm wrapped around keeping me warm. Any minute now I was going to drop and fall asleep would I ever wake up?

"Ellie either your shivering like mad or. The phone on vibrate and going off." I opened my tired eyes to look at him. "Unless it's something else." He winked.

"Ugh Luke I'm too tired to care at this moment in time." Then I could feel the vibration, it was coming from my back jean pocket. It was the mobile from the house, how did that get there? Unless I didn't put it back before.

"I'll just go and answer this, you guy's carry on." I told them walking away from the group, I looked at the caller ID but I didn't recognize the number. I put the phone to my ear and leant against a brick wall away from the others.

"Left hand or right hand Ellie?" The voice at the other end of the phone questioned.

"What, who is this?"

"Don't question me girl. Just a simple left or right will do." It was Carnaxa I was felt on edge now.

"Why?" I replied though gritted teeth.

"Ellie answer me." Carnaxa was sounding impatient now.

"Neither now tell me wha"-

"Ellie sweetie, this is the last time that I will ask you. Now left hand or right hand."

"Right. There happy!" I shouted down the phone, I close to braking point all I wanted was to go to sleep.

"That's a good choice. I didn't like your father very much. Bradley much better then him. See you soon Ellie." She ended the call laughing her evil little laugh. I couldn't move, all I could do was stare at the ground.

"Ellie what's wrong?" Luke voice was close but I wasn't listening.

"She's playing games right. Dad he at home drinking not caring about me. No no it can't be." I rush my words trying to piece things together.

"Games? Dad not caring? Ellie what are you on about? Who was on the phone? Luke was growing concern by each question.

I tired to answer him, but I could feel myself falling. "She playing with me. Right, she can't have Bradl"-

I trailed off closing my weak eyes, feeling those safe warm arms around me.      








The End

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