I lay back on the white bed and looked up at the close ceiling which seemed to be travelling towards me; I heart a noise in the next room which made me forget about the impending walls. Thump, thump thump thump. A rapid heart beat, faster than a human’s at full pace and then a hushed voice which echoed chillingly around the empty box-like room. I got up and dashed into Jakes’ room, he was standing there looking at me.
“Jake are you alright?” I asked, a brief smile crossed across his face, “I could hear your heart beating like you were scared, and the things you were whispering,” I added. He pulled me towards him with brute force, his animal instincts taking over and clutching me as close as he could. My heart beat was suddenly kicked up a notch, I hoped he couldn’t hear or feel it; I ran my fingers down his back and went to sit on the bed with him. Once again my heart beat kicked into full gear as he joined me, I pulled up to him and set my lips onto his, he responded hesitantly so I found his hands and put them on my hips. I wanted to be held, I wanted him to tell me everything was alright and that he loved me,
“Kiss me back,” I ordered, breathless already.

“Jade, you make me feel better,” he said then kissed me back. I had never had this feeling of such passion, with Zack the passion had faded, but this was new and I couldn’t get enough. Luke broke our moment,

“Jake!” he snapped, “oh sorry,” he grinned cheekily, I was going to make a rude remark but Jake beat me to it,

“What do you want?” Jake demanded, I was in an after kiss daze which was pleasant enough until my ears picked up on the conversation,

“….Eve’s not here,” I listened up,

“What do you mean ‘not here’? How is she not here?” I asked panicky, Luke explained and suddenly disappeared, I knew we couldn’t go back to where we had just been. I took Jake’s hand and pulled him towards the lounge,

“What’s going on?” I asked, annoyance creeping into my voice, why couldn’t we just have a peaceful nights sleep without any drama. Jake squeezed my hand,

“Eve is missing,”

“Why can’t Marc track her?” Jake asked, I rested against his arm,

“He’s tried her path is faint, we’re all going to set out towards where she was last,” Ellie explained,

“All of us?” Jake glanced at me; I narrowed my eyes at him,

“I’m perfectly capable,” I muttered,

“I know you are, but you’re falling asleep standing up,” he grinned and stroked my cheek; the rest of the group – apart from Eve – had joined us in the lounge.

“Where are Patrick and Harriet?” Luke asked, Marc closed his eyes,

“Asleep in bed,” he replied, “Should we wake them?”

“No, let’s just sort this out ourselves, we can send Luke back if we need them quickly,” William said making small whirls of air in his hands, Lucinda’s eyes bloodshot and tearstained, but I didn’t ask.

“Come on guys, we have no time to lose,” Marc said leading the team out the door, we crept along the street all paired up, all hand in hand apart from Ben. The street was cold and I noticed I wasn’t wearing any shoes,

“Ouch!” I cried as I trod on a stone. Jake without asking bent down and I hopped onto his back, he piggybacked me along, I held on tight to his neck and rested my head against it. I could hear his steady heart and breath; I could smell his sweet aroma,

“Jade, keep your senses alert,” Ben warned as he glanced up at me. I nodded, my mind back onto the task in hand. We mainly walked in silence along the streets until Marc stopped,

“This is the last place she was before she disappeared from my mind map,” he noted, I sniffed,

“I can smell something,” I whispered quietly even though nobody was around, “it smells all earthy,”

“Sure it’s not Jake?” Ellie joked, I smiled and shook my head, I wiggled and Jake let me down, I crouched to the ground and ran my hands along the strangely soft earth. Why was there earth on a concrete street? It suddenly clicked,

“She’s been sucked under.” I stated.

The End

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