Things were moving too fast for me to keep up and towards the end of our little... meeting? I began to feel like I was in a dream like state. I leaned my head against William's shoulder and just watched as they all talked, I perked up a bit when I heard the deal about enhancing and un-enhancing powers, it would be better if I could make more of me then that means I would be more help so I put my hand up for enhancing. I smiled when William put his hand up too and narrowed my eyes when Luke taunted us, that boy was seriously getting on my nerves ( I was still annoyed at the whole door thing). In the end it was decided that we would alternate but I was too tired to pay any attention.

I walked towards one of the rooms that Patrick hand pointed us to, it was like a little white box and I found it hard to get through the door. The walls seemed to zoom in, it's not good for someone who can duplicate themselves, I walked over to the bed and saw a phone sitting on my bedside table. I ran a hand across the cold metal, I had told people that I didn't have any family but that wasn't entirely true. I had a little brother but the day of the car accident my little brother was meant to be in the car with my parents but when they pulled the bodies from the wreckage there was only two... my mother's and father's. They filed a missing person's report but they had never taken any action, I gave up hope of finding him when I realized my parent's weren't coming back.

I jumped as the phone began to ring, I looked shocked at the old fashioned phone but reached out a hand lifting the the ear piece to my face,

"He-Hello?" I said nervously.

"Hello little mouse" Solon's voice said in reply, I grabbed the bedding and growled,

"What do you want witch?" I heard Solon chuckle,

"Temper, Temper little girl. I believe I have something that you want."

"What do you mean?" I hissed, I heard the phone muffle as if it was being given to someone else.

"Lucy?" I tiny voice said. My throat closed up and I gasped,

"T-Tommy? Tommy is that you?" I felt tears prickle the corners of my eyes,

"Lucy! Lucy, help me-" He cut of sharply,

"Tommy! Tommy!" I screamed down the phone, tears flowing freely. I heard William trying to get in but I had locked the door.

"Don't worry. He's perfectly safe with me, I can't harm him."

"What have you done to him?" I shouted, my voice full of despair.

"I saved him, child. You owe me, I saved your darling brother from dying but sadly he cannot be effected by my power..." I could hear her mocking me, wanting me to ask why.

"Why?" I whispered softly,

"Why my dear child... He's blind." I could feel sobs build up in my chest. Tommy, my Tommy.

"Don't hurt him, please don't hurt him!" I cried.

"Oh don't worry child, I won't hurt him... well as long as you die. It's either you or him. Of course you could always come after him but that's what we want I'm sure you realize."

"I don't care! If you dare hurt him I'll-"

"You'll do what? Multiply yourself? Give it up kid, there's no way you can beat me, all I need is eye contact and your helpless."

I didn't say anything, I could feel my body shake.

"Please don't hurt him." I whispered,

"Pardon? I couldn't hear you." She taunted.

"Please don't hurt him!" I said louder. I heard the phone line click and then the buzz of a dead line. I couldn't hold it in, I burst out crying. I could cope with not having Tommy, I had grown use to it but now he was alive... Tommy.

I could hear William yelling my name but I couldn't move, I was shaking so bad. Luke appeared in front of me, he looked at me once and turned round un-locking the door. As he walked past William he whispered something about Eve and then I felt William's arms around me. I couldn't stop shaking. They had Tommy.

The End

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