I walked Jade to her room, and only then did I feel tired. It had been a long day. Man, it had been a long couple of days. Only the other day the highlight of my life was going to Fran's party.

I looked at Jade and smiled. Fran had nothing on Jade. I still couldn't believe my luck in getting her. Fate had brought us together, and nothing was going to snatch her from me now.

She yawned, stretching.

"Tired?" I asked and she nodded in reply.

"I sure am. But do you think it's safe here?" She whispered. Worry was etched all over her face.

"I don't know. Are we safe anywhere?" I said back, and we both were left to ponder on it in silence. 

We reached to empty rooms, and I stood at the door of Jade's. She turned to me and I bent down, slowly brushing my lips onto hers. She responded and wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands combed through her hair, and then I pulled away. 

She was breathing heavily, as was I. 

"Good night, my little aussie girl." I whispered, laughing. She grinned, gave me one last hug then entered her room. I was left alone in the hallway. 

Even though we were in great danger, I still couldn't push the thought away that this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Everyone here had something to loose, apart from me. My parents didn't care, I hated my girlfriend - ex girlfriend - and all my friends were fake. 

But I was aware that everyone else was worried. It was all over there faces. 

I entered my room and suddenly felt claustrophobic. It was a small, white box of a room. No windows, no air. I felt trapped, and my animal instincts were telling me to run. My heart started to beat faster, my nails digging into my hands.

I couldn't explain why I was reacting so bad, but it was the room. It didn't feel right. There was no other escape route, other than the door. Everything was to white, and bright.

There was a knock on my door, distracting me for a second. I opened it to find Jade's worried face looking up at me.

"Jake, are you all right?" She asked, in her cute accent. I felt safer already with her there. "I could hear your heart beating like you were scared, and the things you where whispering." 

I pulled her into a hug, pushing my face into her hair.

"I don't know, Jade." I told her. "I just suddenly went weird. It's this room. I think my the animal in me doesn't like enclosed spaces." 

She began tracing her fingers softly down my back. 

"It's okay. I'm here now." she told me, sitting down on my bed. I sat with her. 

"I feel like a fool. I don't know what came over me. But dread just seemed to fill me in here." 

"Your not a fool." she said gently, her lips finding mine. "You'd be a fool not to be scared." Her hands reached mine, and she placed them on her hips. 

"Kiss me back..." she said, pulling at my lip. 

"Jade, you make me feel better." I said, and then I did as she asked. 

She gasped as I my lips pressed heavily on hers.


I looked up to see Luke stood in my room, his face red.

"Oh. Sorry." he said, and then laughed.

"What do you want?" I snapped. His face turned serious again.

"Marc told me to tell everyone Eve's not here. He's rambling on, and I can't make out what's happening. But being the teleporter I have been assigned to telling everyone. Looks like I got two in one, in here though." 

Jade was stood up now. 

"What do you mean, 'not here'? How is she not here?" she asked him. 

"I don't know. Ask Marc. He just ran in my room, said that, and then told me to help spread it." Luke said back.

The End

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