I looked around the room, Zoey on my lap, at the bemused faces, I knew what I was going to choose, my enhanced power was merely a navigation system for earth too. I wanted to weaken their powers, that way we’d be sure to fight better; I wanted Dropides to not be able to take any power.

“All in favour of enhancing our powers raise your hand,” I commanded, Jade lifted hers timidly,

“I like having X-ray vision and it could come in handy,” she explained,

“I think I’d prefer to tell animals what to do, I could bring a whole army of
tigers, so I’m with Jade,” Jake agreed naturally. There was a moments silence and then Ellie raised her hand,

“I don’t even know what my enhanced ability is but I sure know that I want it,” she smiled,

“Me too, I want to be able to create duplicates of myself spontaneously and in plenty, it would really confuse the others,” Lucinda said raising her hand, William nodded too,

“Me too,”

“Oh look the lover agrees,” Luke jibbed, William scowled,

“All in favour of degrading the Black One’s power,” I continued and raised my hand, “It will be more beneficial,” I clarified,

“Yes, I want Hercules to have as little power as possible,” Ben said,

“I’m with these two, I want them to have weakened power, it will be a surprise,” Zoey agreed,

“So will our heightened powers,” Jade argued,

“Well I’m with the others, I want their power to be worse,” Luke put up his hand, Eve did too,

“If I’m rooted to the spot what good is my speed anyway? If she can’t root me I can still run fast enough,”

“Well I’m afraid you’ve come to no decision,” Patrick said, “It’s a tie,” Harriet sighed and then sat up,

“Well I don’t see why I can’t alternate?” she grinned,

“Awesome!” Luke and Ellie cried,

“One minute they could have weakened powers and the next you’ll be enhanced, they’ll be so confused they won’t know what’s going on and you’ll be able to rub circles round them. Well Eve certainly will,” she winked.

“Perfect,” I grinned as Zoey put her arm around me, I kissed her hand out of pure joy and she glowed pink. “Perfect,” I whispered just to her.

The End

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