After watching Jake conquer his surprising appetite, we were suddenly brought back to the reality of the situation when Harriet brought up the fact that she couldn’t enhance our powers and reduce those of the Black Ones simultaneously.

My arm tightened around Lucinda’s shoulder where it had been for the duration of our visit. She looked at me and gave a small smile as if to say ‘It’ll be okay.’ My grip didn’t loosen though. It didn’t help that Harriet had mentioned there would be losses on both sides. I knew that I would try my very hardest to ensure she wasn’t one of the fatalities. If it came to putting my life on the line to secure hers, I’d do it without hesitation. I couldn’t live without her nor could I cope with the knowledge that I’d let two people down who I cared about in my life. Her arm around my waist reminded me of how much she meant to me and I kissed her cheek, not just to convey my love for her but to communicate this readiness to sacrifice myself for her and let her know I would never stop protecting her from the dangers that were to come.

“So, what are we going to do?” Jade asked. I started. I’d quite forgotten the statement which had kick-started this train of thought. ‘Either enhance your powers or degrade theirs’. Harriet’s words floated around my head, ominous and oppressive as they bore down on every other thought.

“Would it be worse if they were weaker yet we weren’t stronger or if they weren’t weaker while we were stronger?” Ellie mused.

“Is our defence stronger than our attack?” Jake asked, equally musingly.

“I think we should all judge for ourselves and then call a vote,” I said.

So what would we decide? Doubtless this decision could change the outcome of the battle but seeing as none of the powers bestowed on us were related to seeing into the future, who could tell which choice was right and which was wrong?

The End

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