We were still cooped up in this living room with Harriet and Patrick, two seemingly normal people. Jake was giving me funny looks as I spoke to Luke and I hoped I wasn’t hurting his feelings. I walked away from Luke and sat down next to Jake, he didn’t say anything but the look on his face showed worry.

“What’s up?” I asked,

“Nothing really, just this whole situation is getting me down,” he shrugged,

“So it’s nothing to do with Luke?” I checked, he was offended,

“What?” he spat, “That’s just stupid,”

“Sorry,” I muttered,

“Why? Do you like Luke?” he asked lowering his voice,

“No!” I replied, “Not in that way,” I corrected, I liked everyone enough here to call them my friends.

“Why did you bring him into the conversation?” he asked,

“I just thought…”

“Well don’t think Jade, you’re jumping to conclusions, you always do!” he snarled, “It’s not like I don’t let you talk to other guys, look at you and Marc for instance!” he offered,

“Why are you bringing him into it?” I asked,

“You kissed him!” he snapped,

“I thought you had forgiven me for that.” I cried, “Hey and anyway we weren’t even with each other then, so why should you care? I said I was sorry!”

“But you still kissed him and if we’re destined to be together why did that happen?”

“I wasn’t thinking straight!” I snapped, he narrowed his eyes, “Did you ever dump your girlfriend from back home?” I challenged,

“I haven’t been home to do so,” he retorted,

“In essence you are two timing,” I cried,

“Only in essence,” he growled, “I don’t even like her, she’s nothing compared to you!” he looked at me in earnest, “I love you Jade,” he said timidly, my heart melted,

“I love you too,” I whispered, he leaned in and kissed my lips softly,

“I will never leave you, not even when all this is over,” he whispered, “I will never let you get in danger’s way and will do my upmost to protect you,” he said, I smiled and kissed him passionately. “Sorry.” He whispered so quietly I wouldn’t have heard him if my hearing was normal.

“Me too,” I replied. He grinned at me and flung his arm around me pulling me against him, his muscular chest seemed to be becoming burlier each day. His eyes bore into mine and we shared a moment, my heart picked up and the hairs on my neck stood on end. I played with his hair, it was attractively messy and fell down to his eyes, it was thick and silky to the touch, he blew it from his face and caught my hand kissing it finger by finger.
“I really am sorry for getting angry with you,” he said,

“I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions,” I offered. He nodded and our focus drifted back to the others, most of the cookies and juice had gone but Jake grabbed a handful and began to eat them offering me one. He scoffed down three and went for more,

“Someone’s hungry,” I minded,

“It’s an animal thing,” he grinned and swigged down a glass of juice,

“Hey Jake stop eating all the food,” Eve complained,

“There is plenty more,” Harriet smiled. Half an hour later we all sat back fully satisfied from our meal, after the cookies had vanished Harriet had brought out sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, dips and a fruit salad. I felt as if I had eaten my weight in fruit salad when Jake showed off his skill to everyone by managing to eat the rest of the spread and leftovers from people’s plates,
“God Jake, you really are a pig,” Luke had joked,

“It’s the new chemical in his blood, it increased his metabolic rate to one of an animal’s and means he burns off far more calories just sitting around,” Patrick explained, Jake stuck his tongue out at Luke,

“See I have to eat!” he grinned and ate another sandwich,

“Although Jake you can also live for longest without food, so you don’t really,” Harriet said taking the plate away which had the last sausage roll on it which had fallen on the floor,

“I’ll eat that last one for you,” Jake offered, Harriet smiled,

“No, it’s covered in dirt,” with that she whisked it away.


“I bet you are all wondering what the action plan is,” Patrick said,

“Do you have one Pat?” I asked, he flashed me an angry glare,

“It’s Patrick,” he snapped, a chorus of ‘Wooo’s!’ filled the room, “And no, I don’t.”

“I think we should stick with Harriet and practice our enhanced skills,” Harriet walked into the room,

“I have a weakness too you know,” she said, “I can either enhance your powers or degrade theirs, I can’t do both, you have to choose.” she said apologetically.

“Oh.” Was our reply.

The End

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