"So let me get this right." I said staring at Patrick. "Her weakness is my strength."

"In simple terms yes. If she hits your wings, then the lighten will simply bounce off them hitting her. That's why she will always aim the front of your body. Or wait until you haven't got your wings." Patrick explained again.

"So next time she springs up, I should what snap into the air?" I wondered getting up pacing.

"One weakness for you Ellie, when she up close to you and your wings are open." Harriet began, I stopped facing her. "She could damage them, your wings can heal themselves, but they need time."

I nodded in understanding. How long would I have to wait before they could heal? Will it weaken me?

"Sinking in yet?" Jake said interrupting my thoughts.

"Believe me it sunk in the moment I picked this stone." I say holding the garnet in my hand. "I should be in biology right about now." I sighed thinking of school. And I thought Grace was a evil cow.

"Seems to be biology going on right about." We both smiled thinking about the same thing. "So what's with Luke?"

I looked over at Luke he was by Jade, Jade was laughing over something. Jake had noticed to. "What's with them?" Jake asked.

"Well whatever it was Jade seems to be laughing about it. Luke?" I questioned.

"Yer. Your like cat and dog sometimes. Never thought that would happen." Jake remarked. I was only half listening to him, Luke's face looked pretty interesting right now. O' I have got to find this out.

"Jake, nothing is ever as it seems. Remember that." I told him as I made my way to Luke. It was as if he knew I was going to speck to him, his greenly blue eyes studied me. I stopped walking towards him and went passed him. Harriet was just going out the door when I stopped her.

"Harriet." I half whispered.

"Yes child." She asked

"You said one weakness for you. Is that implying that I may have more?" I asked. She looked so sweet then, her small lips parted into a smile.

 "Can you not see it? Everyone here would feel the same sadness, if you did not succeed." She didn't have to say it and I didn't want her to, it would seem too real. If I died, she carried on lowering her voice. "But only one would feel the real heartache, if you were lost." With that said she went into the kitchen.

I turned back round and found that Luke's eyes had not left me. And never would I thought.

"Are you going to tell me what all that was with Jade?" I sounded like a jealous girlfriend and that was just sad really.

"Wow, you know you soun"-

"Yer yer I know. Forget it." I replied getting up, but Luke stopped me.

"Hemocrates, she well. Kinder of knows a lot about me. Knows my strengths and I guess." He broke off at the end.

A black cat suddenly came onto my lap; its dark coloured eyes remind me of Carnaxa. She wasn't getting near Luke. I knew what he was trying to say, it was written all over his face. Harriet was right, it would be Luke. The others would feel the sadness, but he would free the real heartache of losing something close to him.    

"I've got your back too Luke." I took hold of his hand, and then with one finger I lifted his chin up. We locked eyes with each other. "Always." He turned his head and kissed my fingers.

The End

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