I watched as the black cat, as if in a trance, trotted away from Jake and leap into Ellie's lap. With a pang, I remembered my own cat, Cucumber, at home. Mom was probably taking care of her...I hoped everyone at home was alright. The threats of Hercules still lurked in the back of my mind-and the information that he could "resurrect" himself, so to speak, was not comforting.

   "..and Socrates is after you, Zoey." Patrick turned to me. I stiffened, the memory of him chocking me returning. "He controls matter with his mind."

   I furrowed my brow. "How am I supposed to beat him? What is his weakness?"

   He bit his lip, "Well, strength cannot beat him alone."

   I looked down thoughtfully, shifting from one foot to another. From beside me, Marc took my hand and squeezed it, saying confidently, "You will not be alone next time you face him. You have all of our help."

    Glancing up into his big, brown eyes, hard with determination, I knew he meant it. Even though I had known him for such a short period, I felt he was one of my greatest of friends-I knew he would be there if I needed him, and the same in return for him. I felt my face flushing red and looked back to Patrick. Thank God Marc's power wasn't mind reading! "So your wondering his weakness...," he continued. "...well, his mind is cannot hold up strength forever-and to mantain his power, he must have absoulute focus on what he is doing. If he cannot block out everything else, then he cannot control matter effectively."

   "That should be easy," Marc said encouragingly. "The rest of us will attack him and he will be unable to focus."

    Patrick nodded, "That is what I am hoping."


The End

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