Responsibility, that’s what I felt as I looked at all the teenagers. They all had their relationships, thoughts, and feelings. I sat at my stool and just watched. They were all so… young. I was not the oldest there but they all seemed so innocent and inexperienced. I feel it is my duty to protect them. I have to. The whole romance thing still irritated me but it had taken a second place in my mind. I thought of my father and I felt the same churn of my stomach that I always did. I will save him I told myself. I wished we could end this. But we were still far from it. Patrick had made it clear that the Black Ones were some sort of aliens. That made me feel better. I don’t want to hurt any humans.

            I thought of Hercules, that tall grey creature. He was so dangerous with his intellect, resurrection, and wind thing. Patrick explained that he simply recopied himself from the Hercules in the other world. I couldn’t help but amused at the whole Luke and Jade situation. Again, I felt the cold coil in my stomach at the thought of those faces cold and bloody. Patrick said there would be losses on both sides. I had prove him wrong. If one of us had to die then at least I wanted it to be me.

            Ellie was marching up to Luke this should prove to be amusing. I smiled at myself. I had changed a lot. From an acne spotted kid who loved playing chess to an invincible self made guardian. Suddenly a random thought hit me and I burst out laughing. It was an uncontrollable laugh that came from being under so much stress. I just couldn’t stop. Everybody in the room stopped talking and looked up. The invincible guardian flushed.  

“It just hit me.” I said.

A couple of eyebrows went up.

“Ben 10! The TV show about the guy who can turn himself into 10 different creatures each different from each other!” I explained happily.

It was met with a mixture of good natured groans, laughs, and confusion to those who don’t watch Nickelodeon cartoons. But my good mood evaporated as surely as the Cheshire cat as I thought of Hercules's haunting words. “No one is invincible.”

The End

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