"What's this with Luke?" I asked Jade, but she just shrugged.

"Don't ask. So. What do you reckon Critias weakness is?" She asked me. I shivered. Critias was the Black one after me. He could read my every thought, so how could I ever hope to fight him. He would know what move I was going to make, what animal I was going to be. Patrick had failed to mention his weakness.

"I don't know. I hope it's something good, like he dies if I smile at him." I told her, and she shoved me.

"If only it's that easy." She said. "He can mind read, can't he? Maybe he can't read animal thoughts. That would be useful to you." 

Patrick walked passed and stopped when he heard our conversation. 

"Critias. He can't read animal thoughts no, but he'll be able to read yours Jake. When you change into animals, your thoughts and speech are still your own. There still human." He said. He knelt down so he was level to us. "No Critias holds the most dangerous of weaknesses. He holds his heart on the outside."

I threw a confused look to Jade. 

"How's that possible?" She breathed.

"Critias was cursed. He fell in love with a young witch, but broke her heart. She swore to break his, but he read her mind as she began the curse. He killed her before it was completed, yet she had still had time to start it.

"Instead of it breaking, it appeared at his side. This allowed his enemies an easy target, so he keeps it safe in a metal cabinet which is kept with him at all times. Get that, and his power weakens. He becomes dizzy, and he can't think straight. He'll still be a tough battle but it will be easier."

He became quiet and stared at us both.

"He would never let me close enough to get to that box." I told him.

"These are things you must think about. But he will guard it closely. Only trickery or theft will get it, not brute force." 

He stood up and wondered off. I looked at Jade who hadn't said a word.

"That's  a bad weakness to have." She whispered. "I don't remember seeing it on him when he came to the house." 

I tried to rack my brain, and I didn't either.

"He probably disguises it under his coat or something." I muttered. It was guess work but it seemed reasonable. 

Just then a cat wondered into the room. She walked over, and started rubbing her body along Jades pants.

"Oh no, she's getting hairs all over me." She said. 

"Cat. Move." I snapped sternly. I didn't expect it to work, but surprisingly it began to walk away as if in a trance. 

"Did that cat just listen to me?" I exclaimed.

"It must be Harriet. That's how your powers must have been increased. Not only can you change into animals, but you can influence there decisions." Jade told me, watching the cat wonder around the room, stopping to rest on Ellie's lap. 

She was chatting away to Luke. Looking round the room, everyone was talking about what was happening. I tried to see what Harriet was doing but she wasn't to be found. Neither was Patrick.

Where were they? 

Seconds later they came back in the room, with cookies and juice. I had thought for a second maybe...

No, I was being paranoid. I seemed to think everyone was an enemy recently, but I needed to control myself more. I needed to trust my friends, we needed to trust each other, otherwise we'd never make it through this battle. 


The End

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