Hermocrates... the Black One after me. The only one yet to appear. Patrick said that she could create invisible barriers of various shapes and forms. I would be unable to get around those barriers with my power unless I could find the weak spot in them. Just like the barrier around the house...

While Patrick spoke to the others I wondered again why she was the only one who hadn't attacked...

"Why what?" Ellie whispered as she moved over and fell into the space next to me. Had I said that out loud? Whoops! Way to go, Luke.

"Nothing," I said casually, "Just talking to myself." She shot me a skeptical look.

"Uh-huh," she rolled her eyes and I smiled but she had turned her attention to Patrick. He briefed her on Carnaxa, the lightning one. Unusually for me, I paid 100% attention because if Carnaxa wanted to get Ellie then she'd have to get me too... unless Hermocrates decided to appear, then there wouldn't be much I could do.

When Patrick finished talking to everyone the others began to talk in excitement. Harriet's power made us all feel great. No one was paying much attention to me other than Patrick. He came and sat next to me.

"What is wrong, Luke?" he pressed.

"Why is she the only one?" I replied indirectly but he understood.

"She has good instincts," Patrick answered, "She watched her fellows fail on their own and knew it was pointless trying to get to you. Do not think she didn't enter the boundaries of the dome, she has. She created the dome in an attempt to delay you all leaving and us making contact. This gave the other Black Ones a chance to get you before you got them. She has been in the dome and she's watched you Luke. She probably knows you as well as you know yourself. I've told you her weakness but remember... it's likely she's noted what yours is, too." Involuntarily, my eyes flickered to Ellie then back to Patrick.

I felt someone watching me and glanced over at Jade. She looked away hastily but it was obvious she'd heard everything and seen my glance at Ellie at the mention of my weaknesses.

"Not a word," I breathed and Jade compressed her lips together to stop herself from laughing. "I mean it," I threatened.

"I'm sorry?" Patrick said, confused.

"Ah, nothing sir," I said hastily, "Thank you for the warning." He gave me a hard stare but let it go. He moved away to talk to Harriet and I teleported over next to Jade and gave her a glare.

"Hi, Luke," she said without looking at me. It was obvious she was still trying not to laugh. I stared at her in wordless fury and embarressment. "Did you want something?" she added then giggled. That giggle turned into uncontrollable laughter and she doubled over. Jake and Ellie were staring at us, baffled.

"Not. A. Word." I growled at last.

"Sure," Jade gasped, "Sorry, by the way. But I would never have expected something like that to be your..."

"Yeah, right, sure you are" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. I teleported back to my seat.

"It's not that funny," I whispered furiously and she shot me a grin before starting up a random conversation with Jake. Then I saw Ellie's face. She had that determined set to her face as she shifted over to me. She was determined to find out what me and Jade had been on about.

Great, just great.

The End

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