“Atlantis Warriors?” Luke asked as Jade relayed all the information,

“Do you think it’s us?” Lucinda asked,

“No, it’s another group of ten people who found powers and are coming to defeat the Black Ones, we’re just the prototype people,” Luke said sarcastically,

“Be nice,” William scolded kissing Lucinda,

“Nice,” Zoey said acidly leaning away as William pushed Lucinda against her. I clicked my fingers, at the two love birds and directed my question to Jade,

“Jade, did you tell him about us?”

“No Marc, I’m still unsure of him,” she said,

“Okay fine, we need to find the person in charge of the town,” I said, we left the money on the table and went back into the deserted street. We made our way along the grey streets,

“Is it me or do all these roads look the same?” Ellie asked,

“Welcome to Atlantis!” a voice cried, a woman was running over to us, pure joy spread across her face.

“I know who you are, follow me,” Jake snuck a look at me as did a few others; I could tell she wasn’t a Black One in disguise and so the others followed. Jade stopped and fell behind, I turned and walked back to her, she looked at me,

“I smell something,” she whispered,


“I don’t know, it’s her, but it’s not good a good scent do you think we can trust her?”

“What choice do we have?” I asked, she sighed and jogged back to the other eight. The woman looked around and let us through a door,

“Be quiet there are spies everywhere,” she whispered,

“It’s like the lion, witch and the wardrobe in Narnia,” Ellie smirked. The woman closed the door behind her and smiled at all of us,

“William, Lucinda, Ellie, Luke, Eve, Ben, Zoey, Marc, Jade and Jake,” she smiled, “I have been expecting you,” she walked into the centre of the loose circle and turned a full 360 degrees. “You’re not how I imagined you to look,” she put her finger on her chin, “But you’ll do.” She nodded.

“Did you expect more muscle?” Luke asked flexing,

“If we’re talking about muscle you’re not the one to talk,” Zoey smiled and lifted him above her,

“What did you expect exactly?” Jade asked,

“Older, more experience people,”

“Oh.” We all said,

“Not to worry, I am sure you are much stronger than you first appear,” she took a seat and offered around for other people to sit. Zoey sat on my lap due to lack of space.
“I too am a descendant from the powerful Atlanteans,” she explained, “My power is not strong enough to fight with, but I will help you as much as I can.” She folded her arms and I felt a sudden power inside of me, for that split second I could see the Black Ones were on earth, not in Atlantis.
“Power augmentation, I can weaken the Black One’s powers and enhance yours,” she smiled, “not much, but enough.”


There was a tap on the door, “That’ll be Patrick.” She said, got up and went to the door. Jade looked at Jake,
“I can see into the next room,” she whispered to him, “It’s the kitchen,”

“Really?” he asked,

“As long as she’s exerting power to enhance ours, I have X-ray vision,” she grinned.

“Patrick knows everything you need to know about the Black Ones,” the woman said coming back in,

“I’ve done plenty of research,” he said coming in and sitting on the floor by the woman, “Harriet here was expecting you soon, no one else believed in the prophecies they have all lost hope. But Harriet’s done her research,” Harriet smiled down at Patrick. He continued, “I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about the Black Ones,”

“Cool,” Eve smiled,

“If there were a fight now, they would beat you.” Patrick said bluntly.

“Way for the support,” I muttered,

“Marc,” Patrick directed at me, I looked at him, “Dropides, the most dangerous Black One, and she’s after you.” He raised his eyebrows, “But did you know she can only take the power of someone else if she has that necklace on?” I shook my head, “You probably already knew she can only use her power for ten minutes and then must have another ten minute rest. She will be resting now, building up her power, it wouldn’t surprise me if she could last for an hour.”

“We need that necklace,” William said, I nodded in agreement.

“Jade,” she turned to Patrick, “Timaeus,” he said, she gulped, “the leader, he’s after you because you angered him.” Her face crinkled in fear, “He won’t stop until either you or he is dead, but did you know your power allows you to sense where he’s going to appear one minute exactly before he does. This gives you time to either escape of prepare.” She nodded.

“You’ve only come across one Black One at a time, they will all come and when they do, it will be an ugly fight. The winner, the side who kills all of the other side, let’s just hope you kill them first.”

“There will be deaths, on both sides,” Harriet spoke up. We all looked at each other, I guess I could live with Jake dying, I suddenly regretted it, I liked him more than some of my friends and home and I couldn’t believe I had just thought that. He really cared about Jade and she would be distraught if Jake was out of the picture, Jake caught my eye and I smiled at him, he looked surprised but smiled back.

“Hercules, he’s immortal.” Ben said, “he’s after me,”

“He says he’s immortal, but what does that mean exactly?” Patrick asked, it was a rhetorical question,
“If you kill him in both the world and here, in Atlantis, he will be dead.”

“Are there two of him?” Ben asked,

“There are two of everyone, everyone apart from you.” Harriet said correcting herself, “For example there’s another Harriet on the earth, totally oblivious to us, she probably has a job and family.”

“The Black Ones,” Patrick interrupted “want to fold the earth into Atlantis, killing everyone because for everyone, apart from Hercules, if one of their two dies, they both die. All Atlanteans will die if the earth folds into Atlantis and so all the earth people will die too.” Patrick explained.

“What do you mean, fold?” I asked,

“They want to merge the two parallel worlds into one.” Harriet said,

“So we need to kill Hercules twice?”

“In essence yes.”


The meeting continued as Patrick carried on explaining about each individual Black One and their strengths and weaknesses. We all felt safe for once, Harriet’s power made us fell powerful.

The End

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