Already I felt uncomfortable, Jake was over by the counter flirting with the waitress, my nose actually hurt due to the strong stench of coffee which I didn’t even like and the food tasted like rubber.

“…I’d be happy to show it to you,” I heard the waitress say, I walked over and put my hands on the counter,

“That won’t be necessary,” I snapped, she stepped back,

“Right. Whatever. It’s just down that street,”

“Right thanks,” I said and went back to the table, she had some nerve.

“That was weird,” Jake said, everyone looked up, he lowered his voice, “she said the library was on the other side of time…” he trailed off, no one answered they all looked perplexed,

“Maybe she was joking?” Eve suggested,

“I don’t think she was,” Jake replied,

“Where are we?” Ben asked looking around. Everything seemed so normal and that was the problem, how could everything be normal when everything around us was paranormal? The café bell chimed and someone else entered the shop, the man wore black trousers and a black leather jacket with black sunglasses. He sat down as far away from us as he could, everyone followed my gaze towards him.

“Is he a…”

“No, he’s not a Black One,” Marc shook his head,

“Someone go and ask him where we are.” Luke said, no one moved,

“I will if you are all too scared,” I stood up, Jake grabbed my hand and stopped me,

“Jade,” he said sternly,

“Look, there are ten of us all with more…” how could I put this? “more power than him, if he attacks me you’re only five meters away,” Jake let go of my hand, I could feel them all watching me as I went to his table. He looked up from his book, which he was reading upside-down I noticed,

“Why hello,” he said raising his eyebrows, I heard Jake growl quietly,

“Hello sir,” I smiled, “I was wondering if I could ask you a rather strange question,”

“Take a seat my love,” I obliged and sat down opposite the man and so I could see the others,

“Where am I?” I asked, he smiled and put down his book,

“You are not the first to ask such a question,” he said simply, “You and your friends are in the Atlantis Valley,” I leaned in,

“Atlantis?” I asked, he nodded, “I thought it was a lost island!” I cried,

“Why would you think that when you walk its very ground?”

“I’ve heard stories about it, it should be under the sea.”

“Or should it? What if you lived in such a place where the sky is the sea and the sea is the sky?”

“How do we get to earth?”

“We are on earth, just the parallel part of it, nobody on earth knows Atlantis
exists and the majority of people here do not know about the earth,” he was speaking cryptically,

“How do you know about the earth?” I asked,

“Books,” he lifted up his upside-down book to me,

“How big is this parallel place?”

“It much smaller than the earth, the Black Ones keep it that way, they are the only people, if you can call them people, who can travel to and fro,”

“You know about the Black Ones?”

“Atlantis is run by the Black Ones, we are oppressed, many people never come outside,”

“Oh.” Was all I could manage,

“We are all lying in wait for the prophecies to come true,”

“What do the prophecies say?” I asked raising an eyebrow incredulously,

“We were told ten saviours would come and set our country free,” I stood up, I had heard enough,

“What are those saviours’ names?”

“They will call themselves the Atlantis Warriors.”

The End

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