I stood back and watched as everyone checked there own individual bank accounts. I knew mine wouldn't be that much different. I didn't see the big hype about money. All it did was make you greedy and arrogant. Sometimes people forgot about the more important things like the people they love. Money blinded people, and I found out that the hard way. 

"Jake, you checking yours?" Luke asked, with fists of money in his pockets.

"No I'm okay. And I really don't think we should be flashing all this around. We're just a bunch of kids remember. We need to be careful." I said back to them all. 

I didn't want to put a downer on their moods, but I was right. I realised that the majority of them hadn't even had a small fraction of what they had now. They were allowed to be excited. 

"As much as I want to splash it all, Jakes right." Ellie said. "Let's just get enough for food at the moment." 

Once everyone had got enough out, we entered the small cafe. As we stepped in, an overwhelming smell of coffee hit my nose. Jade's face scrunched up. The walls were a faded yellow, with random pictures of cats hung up all around the cafe. We sat down at two tables, and I noted that they were stain marks covering it.

"I think I suddenly just lost my appetite." Eve whispered, wiping her fingers across the dusty service. A young girl walked over, her mouth chewing away. Her blonde hair was pulled up in two pigtails, with a blue hat scrunched on top. 

"Drinks?" She said to us, looking bored. I looked around, noticing we were the only customers in the cafe. It wasn't surprising though.

"I'll have orange juice." Jade said to her. The girl began scribbling down, and then looked at the rest of us.




"Yeah coke too please."

"I'm okay thanks."

"Orange juice."



"Water please." I said to her, and she walked off behind the counter. 

"She seemed nice." Luke said grinning. I laughed. 

"Yeah, real nice." I said back to him. Ellie started handing out the menus and it soon became clear that the only thing they sold was burgers. 

"It's so hard to choose." William said. I looked at him surprised. He was normally so serious, I was shocked he had made a joke. Lucinda giggled. 

"I hope everyone's ordered. Our young waiter is on her way back." Ben said to us, looking up. She handed us our drinks, then took our orders. 

"You know what. This feels too normal." Ben said. He kept glancing out the window, and I knew he was expecting an attack. I didn't blame him. 

"I know what you mean." Marc told him. "But I don't feel any of them nearby." 

"What are we going to do now?" Ellie asked, sipping her lemonade. Nobody said anything, then Ben spoke up.

"Find where they are. Then destroy them." He said to us all. He was about to say something else, but the waiter came back over. This time I noticed a small badge on her shirt with the name 'Abbey' on it. She handed us all our food, then walked back behind the counter. She disappeared into the kitchen.

"Man, this place is too quite." Luke said, tucking into his food. 

I glanced down at mine, and noticed it was just full of grease. But I was hungry, and I reckoned I would have eaten anything at that point. 

"We need to do research." Jade said to us all. "Did you see a library anywhere on your scout around?" 

I shrugged. I hadn't really had the chance to get a good luck around, as after a while my wings grew tired.

"I'll ask Abbey." I said.

"Abbey?" Eve questioned me, and I told her the waiter. I stood up, and walked to the counter. I knocked on the surface, and she wondered out of the kitchen. She looked surprised to find me there. 

"If you have come to complain about the food-" She began but I stopped her.

"Actually, I was just wondering if there is a library near here." I said to her.

Her mouth formed a small 'O' shape, and then she leant on the counter, moving closer to me. I smelled heavy perfume on her, and I resisted the urge to squeeze my nose. 

"I see. There's one on the other side of time. I'd be happy to show it you." she told me, tracing her finger down the counter. The way she was staring at me, I kind of felt uncomfortable. 


"That won't be necessary." Jade said walking over. She slipped her hand into mine, and Abbey stepped backwards. The bored look flashed across her face again.

"Right. Whatever. It's just down that street there." She said, reaching for a magazine. 

"Right. Thanks." Jade snapped. Was she getting Jealous? I nearly laughed but I knew it wasn't the right time. We made our way back to the table.


The End

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