"So what now?" I asked them all. Me and William had eventually got everyone out of the dome. Lucida was whole again and standing next to William.

"Well I'm guessing that the town centre around here somewhere." Zoey replied.

"I could fly out and see where it is." Jake suggested.

"Can you hold your flying for long? I mean I would go, but not many people are used to seeing a girl in the air flying with wings." I told them.

"Got a point Ellie." Ben agreed with me. "We don't really know how to go about this yet."

"I'll be quick." Jake told us as he changed into a bird we all watched him fly away.

"All this breaking free really does make you hungry." Luke announced to us. I looked round to see everyone deep in thought. I sighed looking around the area; it was the middle of the day and the sun was shinning high in the sky.

"I hope that he doesn't get far, flying really not his strongest." Jade muttered to herself. I touched her hand in comfort.

"He'll be fine Jade, just needs to practice and he'll be good." I reassured her she smiled and squeezed my hand.

Suddenly a black and white cat came jumping in front of us. It meowed and went over to Jade; Jade bent down to stroke the cat. The cat made more of a laughing noise. Jake became Jake again lying on the floor, some of us couldn't help but laugh.

"When you've finished, did you find anything?" Marc asked. Looking impertinent arms crossed.

"It's only a small town, if you can call it that." Jake told us.

"So what's there?" Zoey asked.

"Please tell me these café or something; apples can only stretch so far." Luke said under his breath, I hit him. He was right though I was starving and tired.

"Yer there is some supple stores, grange. Only got that far, I don't know is these anything else." Jake informed us.

"I vote food." Lucinda said jumping up holding William hand.

"And me." Eve said.

"Is it far?" Ben asked.

"No just down this street." Jake replied. We all followed him down the street.

It was quite, a little too quite. I didn't seem right. There were no cars on the road. No people outside there houses, not even the sound of children laughing at the park that we passed.

"Has anyone else noticed anything?" I said breaking the silence. They all looked back to me.

"I think I know what you mean, no-one about." William observed.

"It's like it's a ghost town. Jake did you see anyone?" Ben looked at Jake.

"The odd car, some people." Jake shrugged his shoulders and carried on walking.

We came across some building then, mostly desecrate and rotting away. Some place we were in. Then as we turned the corner there was a small building, some cars were parked in the car park. The sing said ‘Jessie's' it was the café that Jake was on about. It was small with glass windows all around it; the paint work was a light blue and peeling off.

"Anyone got any money?" Marc said. Trust rich boy to bring that up. Ouch! That was bad.

"Ugh!" I sighed under my breath, Lucinda seen me and gave me a puzzled look. I gave her the, don't ask look, she nodded like she understood. The other started checking their pockets. I didn't even bother, I knew for a fact that I didn't have any money on me.

"Hey is that a cash point, over there by there." Ben said pointing over the road; it was attached to a shop that looked like a closed ‘fruit and veg' shop. Me, Ben, Zoey strolled over to the cash point. There was something odd about the machine.

"Where do I put my card?" Zoey wondered holding hers.

"Touch the screen." I said. Zoey did and I went green, red then settled on blue. The writing was black and it said ‘welcome'.

"OK, strange. Now what."

"I don't know these only two buttons."

"Touch the screen to being." From out of nowhere the voice came. We all looked round but no one was there.

"Did the machine just talk to us?" Zoey asked.

"Well are you going to touch it?" Ben said.

Zoey touched the screen with her finger, the screen change again.

"Welcome Zoey how may I be a service to you?" The machine spoke again.

"What? How the hell does it know me"? Zoey gasped out.

"Your finger print, you and your friends are the only ones in this town who can operate me." The machine informed us. We were all shocked, this machine was just talking to us, like we were it's long lost friends. O' I really needed some sleep.

"Erm guys, ya might wanna take a look at this." I called to them. They all came over puzzled looks on their faces.

"What is it? Run out of pennies." Luke joked, no one laughed "OK what?"

"The cash point talking to us. A no we're not joking." Zoey told them what the machine told us.

"It can trace our finger print? To what our bank accounts back home?" Marc said after a minute of silence.

Zoey nodded. "I think so. Not check it yet. Don't know how." She looked on the screen then pressed a button.

"Balance Zoey." The machine told her.

Zoey let of a gushed of air. "I. I haven't got that much. Maybe over a $100. But not that much. It's got to be wrong."

"How much does it say?" Marc asked moving closer.

"Well not that much." She gasped out.

"Can I try mine Zoey?" I asked knowing that I did have £60 in my account. I worked on the weekend and uncle B gave me some extra for the school trip.

"Yer sure, erm here I think I've ‘logged' out." Zoey stepped aside.

I touched the screen and the machine said my name, which made me jump. Then I seen balance I nearly stopped breathing. This can't be right.

"This is impossible. No way. This is just to to"-

"Freaky?" Luke supplied coming next to me.

"Hey that's my word." I replied.

"Ellie, you're not wrong and neither is Zoey. Or the rest of you in fact." The machine explained.

"Why. What is this?" I said to the machine.

"You are the descended from the Lost Civilization of Atlantis. You have the stones which brought you here. You have all found your powers."

We were all frozen in place. No one was said a word.   




The End

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