We all stood around waiting for Ellie to come back. The hole at the top of the dome was high and they would need to travel far to touch the ground on the other side. 

"I hate no knowing what is going on." Zoey muttered. She sat down on the grass and started to pull out the blades of grass. Slowly the rest slouched down, till it was only me and Jade standing.

"I know what you mean." Luke said. "The Black Ones could attack on the other side, and lets face it. There not the strongest of fighters." 

"Your right." Ben said, getting up. "We should have thought of that." 

"Surely Marc would sense them and head back...." Zoey said to us all worriedly. 

"Not if there not expecting it." Ben said back to her. Everyone looked worried now. Then I had an idea.

"What about if William flies a clone of Lucinda out to them. That way if anything goes on, at least we know about it because the real Lucinda can tell us." I told the group. Lucinda nodded her head eagerly. 

"Yeah. That's a great idea." She said, standing back up.

"What if I drop her?" Will said though, grabbing her hand. 

"God, Will. Always the pessimist. You love her, you wouldn't drop her." Luke sighed. William stared for a moment, then seemed to accept it. He made a platform of air and lifted him and a clone of Luce into the air. Within seconds they were out of view.

"Can you see them yet?" Eve asked Lucinda and she laughed.

"Give us chance, Eve." She said, grinning. "God we have to go so high. This is so weird." Her eyes glazed over, as if she wasn't seeing us but what her clone was seeing. 

"Once they are there, who should go next? We need to make it equal so someone stronger is with someone... less stronger." I said. I didn't want to say weaker, as I knew people would get offended by it. But it was true. Some of us were given powers to fight, and others not. Luke, Marc, Ellie and Eve were the least stronger of the group.

Then it would be Jade who would be able to throw off the others move and Lucinda who could distract by making more of her. 

Then the fighters were Ben, Zoey, me and Will. I didn't care who wanted to say they were tough. That's how it was and people needed to face it.

"Well so far on the other side, it's Will, Ellie, Lucinda and Marc." Zoey said.

"Yeah but Will and Ellie need to come back for us." Jade corrected her.

"Okay, Luce and Marc on the other side." She said again, then Lucinda interrupted her by saying "I'm here as well though." 

"I should maybe go next." Ben told us. "And maybe Eve." 

Everybody looked at each other. I nodded and everyone else pretty much agreed.

"That's settled-"

"Hey. I can see them. We can see them." Lucinda said excitedly. "Were nearly on the other side." 

The End

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