"Seriously, if you want to fall to you death, just keep moving," I snapped at Marc who was struggling under my tight grip, his fist was holding our flag. I was hovering high in the air, Marc realising that he could get hurt stopped.

"Drop the flag or I'll drop you," I growled, He obeyed at once and I watched as the flag fell towards the forest floor. "Good." I lowered him straight into jail, Jade smiled as I placed Marc on his feet.

Now it was my turn to have a go at getting the flag. Me, Eve and Zoey had already attempted to get the boy's flag. But William used his power against us; I was able to gain control quite quick in the air which was good. Marc was in jail, so William who seemed to be guarding the boy's flag wouldn't really know when we're attacking. I could only see William looking round for anyone, where were the others?

Suddenly, Jake who was an eagle came shooting past, blocking me from going any fewer

"Ha, not anymore Ellie." Jake said in his animal form.

"How long can you keep flying for?" I said before douching passed him, he was in front me in seconds. I moved again, faster. "I can keep this up all day Jakey boy."  

"Guess I'll have to practice, but I can still stop you from getting our flag."

"O'yer well can you do this?" I asked, I spun flying down to the ground laughing all the way. Then gracefully, landing on tip toes on the ground. Jake flew down; he was changing shape, into a cheater. Before his animal form could touch the ground, I jumped from the ground and went flying straight into William. William wasn't playing attention to me, Lucinda and her clones were also coming straight for William. She looked up winked at me; I had to be quick to grab the boy's flag. I dived down hand stretched out.

Then I crashed into Luke.

"Hey flying here." I shouted in Luke's face, I was annoyed that he got in my way. But I couldn't help but smile, my wings had ‘disappeared' when I was crashing into Luke, so I didn't need to worry about crushing them as I lay on the ground. Luke was on top of  me smiling to.

"I would say that I'm but sorry... but well... It was part of the game." I just rolled my eyes at him.

"At listed help me up."

"Now would I do that?"


 "Ok, ok." He said as he helped me to my feet. "You ok?"

"I'm fine, you?" I asked still holding his hand; we both looked down at our hands together.

"Yer I'm good." He moved closer to me.

"Well that's good then." I said quietly looking into greenly blue eyes. The sound of my name being called broke us apart.

"Better go." Luke said then he teleported himself away.

"Erm. Yer." I said to the space where Luke was just standing.


"Erm, so how we going to do this?" I asked. We all moved and were standing under the hole in the dome.

"Ellie, could you take a fly up and see if everything ok." Jade told me.

"Ok, won't take me long." I replied feeling my wings open up again. Wow that felt good. I smiled then took off. I was up there in seconds, like the others I wanted to get out of this dome. It was a clear sunny day not a cloud in sight.

At first I felt a little wearily putting my hand through the hold. I stretched my hand out feeling the light breeze, then my other hand. I touched the rim of the dome; I was half out I couldn't see anything threatening. No sign of the Black ones.

"How's it looking Ellie?" Zoey called up.

I came back into the dome, hovered just a few meters above them. "All's clear, well no Black ones at listed."

"I've got an idea." Eve piped up we all looked over to her. "What if Marc goes first. He could track if anybody was going to come. Just thinking."

"That's a good idea Eve." Ben replied to her.

"Yer it is, now why didn't I think of that?" Luke said.

"Eve cleaver then you?" I said under my breathe, but he heard me and shot me a sarcastic face which I returned.

"Ok, how I hate to pull you guy's away from your banter? Or whatever. But we want to get out." Lucinda said cutting in.

"Yer save it until later. I want to get out." Zoey told us.

"Can you lift me Ellie?" Marc asked stepping forward holding his hand out.

"Dude, I was holding you in the air not soo long ago. And did I drop you then? No." I flew over to him and grabbed him by his arms and flew off.



The End

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