"Oi! Jake and Marc, you were in jail, remember?" Jade yelled, I took a deep breath and ran back to jail behind Jake and Jade holding hands, I watched the way they interacted with each other. They were truly into each other, it couldn’t be denied and just at that point in time I knew it was never going to happen. I smiled, I had better things to do that lusting after a taken girl, we were friends and I was happy to settle for that. The game restarted and I waited for someone to save me, I sat against the tree and watched Jake and Jade flirting with each other. Something gently touched my shoulder, I turned and saw Luke, he winked at me and disappeared. I got up and ran off, I was free and I was going to leave Jake there with Jade, I had some defending to do. I ran up to our flag and met William, he smiled,

“Alright?” he nodded his head to me,

“Just got out of jail,” I grinned, “anyone come yet?” I asked, he shook his head,

“Not yet,” I closed my eyes and a mental picture of everyone’s whereabouts came into my head, it was like a map,

“Eve’s coming up from the West,” I said with my eyes closed, I listened and heard a whoosh of wind and watched Eve in my head suddenly change direction.

“Thanks for the heads up,” William said, I opened my eyes and smiled at him. Next to attempt to get passed our guard was Ellie, her position on my mind map was strange because she was flying in,

“Ellie’s coming in from above,” I said, another whoosh of wind and Ellie was catapulted away from our flag. A few moments later both Zoey, Ellie and Eve were heading towards the flag, they seemed to be walking in a threesome towards the flag, I presumed they were going to split a hundred meters or so away from our flag.

“Ellie, Eve and Zoey are coming,” I said, I got up, “that means only Lucinda is guarding the flag, I’m going to go and get it!” I said, William cocked his head at me,

“Careful with her,” he said, I rolled my eyes and ran off making sure I was out of sight from the three girls walking towards William. I pulled up to the girls’ flag, three Lucinda’s stood there, they all moved in unison to look at me and all put their hands on their hips at the same time. It was seriously creepy but it wasn’t going to stop me getting that flag, I closed my eyes and saw William had blown Ellie and Eve away; Zoey was still walking towards him. I ran at the girls and kicked one down, I elbowed another in the face and grabbed the flag and began to sprint towards the line. I sensed the girls in hot pursuit and one of their hands clenched around my shirt, it ripped off and I kept running. Some hands gripped around my arms and I was lifted into the air, I struggled,

“Seriously, if you want to fall to you death just keep moving,” Ellie snapped, I stopped, she dangled me thirty meters from the ground. “Drop the flag or I’ll drop you,” she growled, I obeyed and watched as the flag fell towards the forest floor. “Good,” she lowered me down through the trees and straight into jail, Jade greeted me as I was dropped down. She eyed my shirtless chest and raised an eyebrow,

“Looks who’s back,” she grinned, Jake wasn’t there anymore, Zoey came towards us,

“I almost got it,” she complained to Jade “but then Jake came up and scared the hell out of me,”

“What animal was he?” Jade asked, she blushed furiously,

“An alligator, and I know he wasn’t going to hurt me but crocodiles and stuff really scare me.” I smiled briefly and then remember I didn’t like Jake so I stopped. “So I dropped it and ran, want to swap? I bet you’re really bored,” she asked Jade, Jade hugged her and ran off. Zoey sat down next to me and looked deep into my eyes, “Where’s your shirt?” she asked,

“It was ripped off,” I smiled, she laughed shortly and stopped,

“What’s wrong?” I asked, I could tell she wasn’t happy,

“Just something Hercules said, it really got to me,” she said,

“Do you want to talk about it?” I offered, she shook her head,

“If I do it will only seem more real,” she shuddered, I wrapped my arms around her,

“Whatever he said, nothing can harm you, there are ten of us, even more with Lucinda,” I rested my chin on her head, “They have had more experience granted, but we are young and look how hard it is just to capture a stupid flag, imagine that the flag is you, and we are all guarding you from them. Nothing they do can harm you, I won’t let them, they do seem like a strong undefeatable force but they aren’t, they all have weaknesses,” I paused for effect, “Socrates, he’s after you, but what if we reversed it? What if you were after him?” I asked, she pulled away and looked at me,

“You’re right, he should be scared of me!” she stood up and I watched as she picked up a boulder with her hand, she tossed it between her two hands and then chopped it with her hand. It split in half and fell to the ground, I nodded, impressed. She kicked a tree and it wobbled dangerously and then it cracked making a huge sound and fell to the ground,

“Bring it on!” she cried, I stood up and hugged her,

“Unstoppable, unbeatable, unconquerable.” I whispered, she sighed and hugged me tighter. “Okay, let me breathe!” I gasped, she relaxed and pulled away.

“Let’s get out of this dome!” she cried, “Let’s go and defeat these Black Ones!” she shouted, Luke appeared and came to my side,

“What’s up with her?” he asked,

“She’s psyched,” I shrugged, Eve pulled up with Jade in her arms, Ellie flew in with Lucinda and William appeared. Ben was last to turn up,

“What’s happening?” he asked,

“We’re getting out! We’re going to fight!” Zoey explained,

“Right, should we make a plan?” Jade asked,

“Let’s just go,” Zoey said impatiently,

“Up up and away!” Ellie cried. A cheer filled the forest; we were finally getting out of this dome.

The End

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