I tagged him and led him away. This was weird.

  He smiled freakishly at me, an all-knowing glare in his eye. It made me shiver-how was I alone with him?  "This game is certainly fun," Hercules said in a smooth, oily voice. "How do you get out of jail?"

   I swallowed, not answering. I had no idea what his power was and I was very frightened.

  "Shy, are you?" he whispered, placing his lips close to my ear, his cold breath making me shiver.

  "Get away from me," I snarled, raising my fist threateningly.

  "No, no," he wagged a long, pale finger at me. "You wouldn't dare touch me, would you? That would disqualify you, wouldn't it?"

  I was silent, my eyes warily on him. "Not only that, but one wrong move would lead you to some very, very bad problems. Not a good idea." Hercules smiled. He stepped closer to me again. "You have not a clue  what I could do to your sister...or your mother...perhaps your brother...or even you father." He smirked as I widened my eyes, terrified. He took something from behind him, handing me a picture frame. My favorite picture. I snatched it from him, gazing to the snapshot, my hands trembling.  "You might as well give it up, Zoey. All of you. There is no reason fighting, when you know you are going to lose. Give yourself up tonight, leave the group, and no one will put a finger on your family, no harm or pain done onto them....or even your friend there, Marc."

  Marc? How did he know...I jumped, meeting his eyes again. "Or else what?" I said hoarsly.

  "Your family will join your sister-Anna wasn't that her name-in a not-so-happy-place."  he hissed. "You, your family, and all your 'friends' back there, you all deserve to die, to be cursed eternally, and burn in hel-."

   Anger burned inside me and I leapt up at him, snatching him like a toy and hurling him at a large boulder which lay lazily a few yards away. Panting, I looked at his form, limp and curled on the ground, the picture broken in his hand. I gasped, rushing over.  He was dead.

   I put my hand over my mouth from screaming. What had I done? A little voice in the back of my mind said, 'Why so worried, he's the evil one. Your supposed to get rid of them somehow.'  My heart still pounding in my head I picked up the broken frame, brushing away the shattered glass to look at the picture.  I remembered distinctly that my twin, Rosie, was smiling gleefully, her eyes bright. Now, in was a blank, far-away look, her lips flat and eyes dull. A pit in my stomach, I glanced back at the dead face of Hercules, his lips curled in a smile. Swallowing, I gazed back to the picture...it was normal now.

   Shaking, I sat next to the boulder, the picture still in my hands. My eyes must be playing tricks on me, I reassured myself. Thinking back onto the words he had said, my blood boiled.

   "Zoey?" I heard Ben's voice. I slowly stood, looking to his face, stunned as he saw the dead body. "What...?"

   "I...killed him." I said softly, my voice wavering. Murderer. I was a murderer. I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. "He's dead."

   Gaping, Ben took a look for himself. He blinked a few times, and then muttered, "Alright...let's go back to the others."

   As we entered where they stood, they all looked at us curiously. I felt lost, the picture still hanging from my fingers. "When I had got there, Zoey had just....," Ben gazed at me with wide, frightened eyes. "...killed him."

   "What?" a few people murmured, gaping at me incredulously.

    I smiled timidly, mixed emotions inside me. I had got rid of one, which filled me with relief and some sort of strange pride, but I had murdered...it left a horrible pit in my stomach.  "Well, we wanted to get rid of as many as possible, right?" I said quietly. Never in my life I thought I would kill someone. I felt like a blood-thirsty nutcase. I looked away from their probing eyes, my cheeks burning, and a few ashamed tears developing in my eyes.

    "Well done, I guess," Eve grinned.

    "Ha!" came a loud laugh, making us all turn to see Hercules. Shock and fury filled me once more-he was dead! "I am blessed with two powers....one being the ability to ressurect myself and the other..."  He sucked in a deep breath and blew. Instantly, it felt as a hurricane was blowing against me, and every flew off like pieces of paper. I dropped to the ground, hiding my head. The incredible gale had ceased and I looked up, seeing William and Hercules fighting with wind, roars of thunder and slashes of lightening filling the scene. I hid my head, my ears thudding, trying to crawl away, but my muscles ached from standing against the wind.

  I felt a hand on my shoulder and leapt up, my vision spinning from my sudden movement. The clearing was empty, other than Luke standing beside me. "Oh, it's you." I murmured, relieved, letting him take me in his arms.

   "I am going to teleport." he said. "You may want to close your eyes."

   "I won't split it half?" I asked seriously.

    He laughed, "I don't think so."

    "Think so?" I began but I stopped as I felt an peculiar tickling, tingling feeling through my limbs. The world was spinning into blurs around me, Luke the only stable object. I felt like passing out when I finally locked my eyes shut.

    The world stopped whirling around us, and I opened my eyes. We were with the others now. I never wanted to do that again, putting my hand on my stomach, feeling mildly sick.

    "You guys suddenly disappeared-I could only watch, it was the weirdest thing," I shook my head, my voice still sounding far away. "You just flew away, I guess I was too strong for his wind." I met Marc's eyes, big and brown, and half-smiled. My heart sunk as I remembered Hercules' threatening words...I had "killed" him, and he had returned...would he really fulfill his vow? I trembled. He gave me a curious glance, and I averted my eyes away from his.

    William returned, and immeaditly came to Lucinda's side, and kissing her romantically. We all shifted awkwardly, as Luke gently set me down, I still was wobbly on my feet. "Ah-hum," Luke coughed, disappearing in a blink and appearing beside him.

   "I blew him away," William smiled, pulling away from her and turning to us. He told his short, simple story.

   "I'm finding this game beneficial," Luke admitted.

   Eve agreed, "Me too, can we continue?"

   "We shouldn't stop just because of the Black Ones." Jade nodded, murmured something to Jake, and called, "Oi! Jake and Marc, you were in jail, remeber?"

   I didn't feel well, but didn't protest. The heavy thoughts of Hercules' threat weighted down on me as I began to shuffle back to my position, my head thudding with a headache. Not paying attention, I slammed into a tree and stumbled backwards, swearing under my breath as I rubbed my head. "You OK?" I heard someone call.

   "Yeah," I waved my hand, wincing, continuing my way back to my defense position at the flag. Hercules said that tonight I would give myself up for my family and friends....would I? 





The End

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