One minute I was guarding Jake and Marc, the next, Jake was bounding ahead as a lion and Marc and I were in hot pursuit. Marc had sensed Hercules, we didn’t know what power he possessed but we knew Ben, Zoey and Lucinda – sort of – were there. We pulled to a stop by the tree, no one had moved, the flag lay at Bens feet and he was watching Hercules. He appraised our entrance and then spoke,

“Good morning,” he raised his eyebrows and beamed at us, “May I join?” he asked, his voice alluring, “It looks like such fun!” he clapped his hands together once,

“No,” Ben answered flatly, he ignored him and turned to the rest of us,

“I supposed I’m on the boys side, it is alright lads, my power will smash these girls!” he laughed,

“In that case,” I stepped forward, “Zoey?” I gestured to him, she appeared by my side and tagged him,

“Jail,” she smiled and led him off,

“I don’t trust him,” Jake said as soon as he was out of ear shot,

“Me either,” I said,

“What should we do?” Marc asked, one Lucinda came over,

“The rest are on their way,” she said in a monotone,

“That’s awesome!” I cried, “Lucinda thinks something and the real Lucinda hears it and tells the others.” Luke appeared first, then William flew in with the real Lucinda, Ellie landed too as Eve drew up.

“Everyone knows what’s going on?” I checked they all nodded,

“Just one question, if he’s a Black One, what is Zoey doing alone with him?” Luke asked,

“I’m her partner, I’ll go,” Marc said,

“No, I will, we don’t know his power. He could kill you, he can’t kill me,” Ben stepped forward, his scaled popped out and he jogged off. We all looked at each other, I listened hard and then just a few moments later Zoey and Ben came back,

“When I got there, Zoey had just…” he glanced at her, his eyes wide, “killed him.” He said blankly,

“What?” a few voiced asked,

“Well we want to get rid of as many as possible right?” she asked smiling,

“Well done, I guess,” Eve smiled. There was a loud laugh and Hercules appeared again, I shook my head in disbelief, perhaps she had only knocked him out,

“I am blessed with three powers,” he smiled, “one being the ability to know pretty much anything, two being able to resurrect myself, the other…” he sucked in a deep breath and blew, it was like a wall had been smacked into me and now I was hurtling away from it. He
had blown everyone away; it was like William’s power, but more concentrated. I bet he couldn’t create a platform of wind, but he could knock us off our feet and carry us at 100mph in the air. My hair whipped around my face, I was travelling so fast I wasn’t even sure which way was up. I suddenly smacked into a tree and slid down to the ground, I groaned and lay there on the dead leaves, the gale had ceased and William was standing a few meters ahead of me. It was the strangest thing to see, his arms were out stretched and wind was gushing out, but in the centre where Hercules’ wind met William’s there were sparks of lightening. Trees fell and leaves blew around vigorously, someone’s arms wrapped around me and I was lifted up, Jake kissed my forehead gently,

“Come on, this is William’s fight,” he said carrying me away from the magnificent sight. My head began to throb and I black out for a moment,

“You hit your head pretty hard,” said a voice, Ellie knelt over me and was inspecting my head. Everyone was gathered round apart from Zoey and William,

“Where’s Zoey?” Jake asked holding my hand, Luke disappeared and then reappeared with Zoey in his arms, she looked confused,

“You guys suddenly disappeared, I could only watch, it was the weirdest thing,” she was shaking her head, “You just flew away, I guess I was too strong for his wind,” she grinned. William came back, his hair looked funny as it was windswept and stuck out at every angle. He dusted his hands and kissed Lucinda passionately,

“Ah-hum,” Luke coughed appearing next to them, William turned to us,

“I blew him away,” he said smiling, I sat up against Jake as William told his story.

“I’m finding this game beneficial,” Luke admitted,

“Me too, can we continue?” Eve asked,

“We shouldn’t stop just because of the Black One’s,” I agreed,

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jake asked, I rubbed my head and smiled,

“Right as rain,” I stood up and the boys went back to their posts, I turned round and called,

“Oi! Jake and Marc, you were in jail, remember?” I laughed as they went back to their positions, “Ready. Set. Go!” I yelled and the game got back into full swing.

The End

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