My scales were fully out now and I jogged through the trees. I was headed to their flag. I didn’t think very highly of this whole game. This was not the time for games. Marc’s premise was flawed, it would be hard to fight the girls because we care about them, we have no care for the Black Ones. So competing with girls was completely pointless aside from the practice. The relationships springing up between the girls and guys were irritating. Did they love each other? What do they know about love? Eve and I were partners and I like her just fine. She’s a pretty girl but I certainly don’t have, as they say “a thing” for her. That’s why at that very moment I was crushing through leaves on the way to their flag. I didn’t bother trying to be stealthy Jade would hear me anyway.  But my heart wasn’t in it I wanted to save my father not play a little game.

            My thoughts turned to Marc and Jake they had their stupid tension over Jade. My father was being tortured and they couldn’t make up their difference over a girl that they had no real feelings for! In another month they will see some gorgeous girl and break up with Jade. My brooding was interrupted by a large rock smashing into my chest. I was picked off my feet and slammed into a tree. Zoey came strolling out grinning.

“You’re the only person I can do that to.” She said happily.

            I pushed myself out of the tree I had just made an imprint on. I frowned. Zoey tore up another tree and threw it at me. I threw myself on the ground. The tree grazed the top of my head. I jumped to my feet and started sprinting, past Zoey towards her flag. Zoey jumped into hot pursuit. But a life time of running from bullies had made me pretty fast and she didn’t gain on me. I saw the jacket fluttering in the wind and ran towards it. There was a huge army of Lucindas guarding it. I pulled up short. The flag was a scant 30 meters away the Lucindaa were just spotting me. I glanced behind me and saw Zoey rampaging towards me waving a massive tree truck like a baseball bat. That gave me an idea. I ran to the nearest tree and started climbing until I was 6 feet off the ground. Zoey didn’t see me. She was getting close and so was the army of Lucindas it was now or never. I leapt out of my tree straight at a surprised Zoey. On instinct she swung her tree trunk at me. It exploded in half and sent me sailing over the heads of a horde of red haired girls. I landed right next to the tree with the flag on it. I stood up and grinned widely that was crazy! I reached up and pulled down the flag. I froze at the sound of a single person’s slow applause. I whirled expected Eve or Jade but found myself face to face with Hercules. 

He’s my thinking we capture him but he let’s us because he’s leading us into a trap.

The End

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