“This is going to be hard,” Ben said, “They have good fighters,”

“We have Marc so we can find them and then we have William, Jake, Ben and me to fight, we’re bound to win!” Luke said, grinned.

“They have Zoey and Eve. Eve will be able to run around us and capture the flag,” Ben moaned. 

“We’ll have people guarding it,” William added. I nodded in agreement. I was literally jumping up and down with excitement. This was a great idea.

“Yer! William can like woosh! And blow Eve away!” I cried, laughing.

“Shush! Jade will still be able to hear us!” Ben warned and everyone hushed. "Right, stations. I reckon Me and William on Defence, guarding the flag. Luke you teleport to the flag, see if you can get it quickly. Jake and Marc, you dither between, trying to tag them. Agreed?" 

"Yeah, good plan. Let me see where they are first though, so were not unexpected." Marc said, then he froze in concentration.

After a few seconds he looked at us. Might as well get his power over with now, it's all he was good at. Stop. I had to try to get on with him for Jade's sake. 

"Right. Zoey is on defence, with Lucinda as there near the flag. Ellie is on the front, coming for the flag leaving Jade and Eve in the middle." he said to us. "So Luke, your up against Zoey and Lucinda. William and Ben are against Ellie." 

"Make sure you don't hurt Lucinda." William growled to Luke, before we made our way back to the girls. Luke just laughed it off though.

"Don't worry, lover boy. I won't." He said back, grinning. 

When we made it back to the girls - leaving Will and Marc at the flag, Ellie shouted go and the game began. 

It was exhilarating. Everyone ran to place. I started to move around the trees, morphing into a small cat. My plan was to creep up on someone and tag them. I couldn't see any signs of any of the girls or Marc. 

All of a sudden, I felt something go past me but it was just a blur. Eve. Just as she moved her hand out, I crouched. She had missed me, but she lost her balance and fell. I didn't wast no time, and tagged her with my paw.

"Oh man." she cried and I laughed. "Jake, no fair." 

"Too bad, Eve. I got you fair and square." I said back. She stood up and brushed the dirt of her pants. 

"This can be Jail." She said, laughing. I nodded, and turned into a panther. 

"I'm going to guard you. No one is letting you out." I said to her and she grinned.

"Is that right?" 

I spun round, to see Jade stood there with a grumpy Marc following her. I sighed. Obviously he had been tagged.

"That is right." I told her and she gave me a cheeky grin. 

I leaped up into the air, readying to pounce, but as I landed she dodged out the way. I laughed deeply and Eve cheered.

"Jake, I can hear every movement you make. Your so heavy footed." She told me.

"Hey, I am a panther. I have big feet okay?" I said back and I heard Marc laughing along with Eve. I darted forward again, changing into a bird mid jump. Surely I would catch her out like that. But no. She ducked under me and as I was above her head, she grabbed me in her hands. 

"Well Jake. I think you have just been tagged." she cried, jumping up and down. I quickly changed into a dog, licked her face, causing her to drop me to the floor.

"That's gross." Eve said, pulling her face. Jade walked over and tagged her again, freeing her. They gave us both a cheeky green and then Eve ran off, leaving Jade alone to guard us.

"You both aren't very good at this. Or are you just distracted by my great looks." She said to us, flicking her hair. She laughed aloud and we joined in. "I'm only joking." she added.

I fell to the floor sitting down, Marc following suite. 

"Some one will come for us." Marc said to me. I became aware then, that it was just the three of us together. I suddenly fell awkward. I did the only thing I could think of and make him Jealous. 

"Jade. I think I have cut myself. Come here, look." I said, putting my hand on my cheek. She came closer, kneeling next to me.

"Where?" She asked. She looked closely at my face and as she leant closer to me, I pulled her into a kiss. God she was good and I even forgot I was only doing this to make Marc jealous. She crawled onto my lap and brushed her hands through my hair. 

Marc coughed. Jade jumped off me quickly, blushing, but I just grinned. 

"Oh my god. Sorry Marc. Forgot you were there for a second." she stammered. He put his hand up, smiling.

"Don't worry. It's fine." he muttered and turned away. "Luke's near by. I don't know if he has the flag, but he can rescue us." He added.

Jade laughed.

"Not on my watch he won't."



The End

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