"United we stand, united we will win, united we will conquer the Black Ones, united we will prevail!" Jade cried. We all cheered enthusiatically, a bowl of Ellie's apple stew in my hands.

   Jade turned back to Jake, and Marc turned away, grabbing a bowl for himself and sitting himself next to me. "Hey Partner," he attempted at a southern accent, which mixed awkwardly with his French. I burst out laughing, chocking a little on my stew.

   "Wow, if I need anyone to teach me an accent, I know where to come," I smiled, still biting back more giggles.

   He rolled his eyes, continuing, "Sleep well?"

   I shook my head, pointing at it, "Too many thoughts in here. Plus it is like zero degrees!"

  "I'm warm blooded," he replied, putting his arm around me and pulled me closer. I blushed furiously, looking away so that a veil of my hair could hide it. I hoped he wouldn't notice.

  When I turned back to look at him, I spotted him glancing at Jade and felt that same sinking feeling. "You like her, don't you?" I asked quietly without thinking. Once the words had escaped, I felt heat returning to my face.

   "No," he answered quickly. After a pause, he continued honestly, "I guess slightly. I'm real messed up right now."

  "I think we're all pretty messed up, me included," I replied with a slight, timid smile. "Let's just be messed up together."

   "Sounds good to me," he replied, glancing back at me, returning the smile. "You know, like Jade said, you and I are a compatible and fabulous team, and even though I'm not in love with you or anything....,"  My face flushed, but he went on anyways. "Yet-," he glanced at William and Lucinda, huddled close to one another. "I still feel protective of you,  although you'll be the one defending me-," I couldn't help smiling. "-I will always care for you more than the rest of them."

    I sighed, resting my head against his shoulder. It felt good to have an arm around me, to say that someone cared, it made me feel closer to home again. "That's all I can ask for." I whispered.


    I was drifting to sleep until Jade announced, awakening me, "Okay guys, we need a plan..."

   "We need to get our bearings-we need to get out of this stupid shell and we need to pratice our fighting." Marc said, gently pushing me off of him and standing. "I have just the plan!"  He paused as we all stood. "You see, we all fight well, some better than others, some have powers which help fighting others to help warn people."

   "What's your idea?" Jake interupted, Marc narrowed his eyes.

   "Boys versus girls." he explained. From there, jackets were traded and battlelines were drawn. I was on the defense team with four Lucinda clones stationed about Marc's jacket.

    The offensive team scattered toward the boy's camp, as the Lucindas and I scanned the surrounding area. I really did not want to use my strength on anyone in fear of injuring anybody. I paced around the jacket, our flag hung on an tree, keeping my eye out.

   The girls seemed to have the advantage-yet they had Ben, Mr. Invincible, Jake,  Marc, who could track everyone down on the girl's side, and.....

   "Luke!" I exclaimed, noticing him appearing out of thin air right next to the jacket near to a branch where it was tied. He laughed mischeiviously, starting to untie our flag, and I began to pull myself up into the tree, easy with my super strength.

   "Farewell!" he cried, waving the jacket in the air as he began to melt into the air once more.

   "Ha!" Out of nowhere Ellie dove from the sky, snatching the flag from his hand. He became solid again, and gave Ellie a mock ugly look.

   "Hey!" Luke pouted. I reached up to tag him as our prisoner, and his eyes widened. In a snap, he was gone just as he had come.

   I jumped down from the tree and Ellie soon landed next to me after tying it up. "How did you know he was here?" I asked.

  "Jade," shrugged Ellie. "She heard you shout his name."

  "Wow, you got here fast." I said.

  She beamed, "Thanks,"  a smile fluttering across her face before she took to the air again, racing towards the sky.  

  And thus our small game-battle had began, as I waited for yet another assault from the boys' team....  




The End

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