"Okay, Lucinda, how many times can you clone yourself at once?" asked Jade.

"Three, why?" said Lucinda.

"So we can defend our flag," she said, waving her hand at Marc's coat, "but all of us will still be free."

Lucinda didn't say anything, but instantly three more green eyed redheads appeared out of nowhere.

"Ellie, you can go over and try to get their flag that way. Eve, you need to get any of us out of jail if we get caught. Zoey and Lucinda- the real one," she added as four heads turned. "You two play like you would normally, but obviously with your powers when you can."

We all went back to where the boys were.

"Three, two, one, go!" yelled Ellie from far above.

Sorry it's so short... I was watching Gakuen Alice... I'll add tomorrow if I need to...

The End

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