I was lying on hard ground under the damp atmosphere, I could feel something crawling over my leg and my hair was bound to go frizzy but I was content. I had a very special person next to me; Jake’s arm was secure around me pulling me into his chest, his breath was even and blew over my face every time he took in a breath. He was definitely asleep as were a few other people but I could hear Luke and Ellie having a conversation, I felt nosy but listened in, it wasn’t my fault I could hear them. Ellie explained about how her Mother had died and she had had to look after her Father, I felt sorry for her and noticed that most people here had torn families. Mine were dead, Marc’s dad wasn’t never around, Ellie’s mother was dead, Jake’s parents were workaholics and William’s dad wasn’t around either, I wasn’t sure about the others but what I did know was that we all needed each other.

Finally sleep found me, having enhanced senses meant I was far more aware of things around me, I could smell blood in the camp and feel the air on top of me, I could hear animals rustling in the undergrowth and taste Jake’s sweet warm breath. Sleeping was hard but it was possible and finally morning came, I was first awake, I rolled out of Jake’s arms and began to collect wood for a fire, I didn’t have a match so I began to rub the sticks together, nothing happened,
“I’d make a rubbish cavewoman!” I growled to myself,
“You would!” said a voice, I looked up to see Luke grinning, he came and crouched down next to me, “here,” he took the two sticks from my hand and quickly rubbed them together, a small flame appeared on the edge of the twig. I shook my head in disbelief,
“Thank you,” I gingerly took the stick and placed it on the dry leaves,
“Sleep well?” Luke sat back against a tree,
“Not really,” I smiled, “I’m too aware to be able to shut down all my senses for sleep,” Luke nodded, there was a stir from the camp and two more people got up. Ellie joined me,
“We have no food to cook on the fire,” she said sadly,
“I have an idea,” I smiled and stood up, wandering off into the undergrowth I found just what I was looking for, I picked the apples off the tree and smelt around again, wild raspberries, I collected as many as I could and headed back. I helped Ellie peel and removed the cores from the apple then we cut them up using William’s penknife and stewed them in the pan. By this time everyone was up, Jake came up and put his arm around me, he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear,
“Morning lovely,” I blushed and turned to the tired looking campers,
“I was thinking last night,” everyone looked over to Jake and me, “we have one advantage over them,” I paused for effect, “we have relationships,” everyone still look perplexed. I sighed and hugged into Jake, “we have reasons to win this fight, we have partners who will risk their lives for you and we have a united group.” I took a breath, “They only have each other because they are the last of their kind, we are here because we have been chosen, my relationship with Jake isn’t just because I like him, it’s our destiny to be together because we form the perfect team and together, united we are invincible!” a small cheer sounded, I smiled, “We’ve been put together because we are compatible with each other and we can win, once we start acting nice to everyone,” I walked up to Eve and hugged her, she hugged me back gingerly. “Go on, Ellie and Luke,” they looked at each other, smiled and hugged, “Easy,” I grinned, I turned to Jake and then to Marc. “Guys?” Jake took his arm off me and walked towards Marc, Marc took a step back,
“I’m not the man hug type of guy,” he said, “shake?” he compromised, Jake shrugged and held out his hand. Marc took it and they shook hands vigorously, Marc glanced at me and then pulled Jake into him for a hug, I smiled and clapped.
“United we stand, united we will win, united we will conquer the Black Ones, united we will prevail!” I said my voice rose, this time everyone cheered and clapped. I hugged Jake and turned to him,
“Good job,” I winked, he ran his hand down my face and kissed me gently,
“I will do whatever I can for you,” he said sincerely, “were did you get all that united stuff from? Do you believe we were destined to be together?” he asked a slight smile on his lips,
“Do you not?” I asked, he shook his head,
“Of course I do, I didn’t realise you felt the same way,” he said, I smiled,
“Great minds think alike.” I collected a bowl with apple stew in it and wolfed it down. I sat back, I had done enough leading today, I would let someone else take charge.

“Jade, I think they’re waiting for you to form a plan,” Jake whispered digging his elbows into my ribs; I smiled and turned to him,
“Why don’t you?” I asked,
“Because you are cleverer than me and a natural leader,” he offered, I rolled my eyes, I would get the ball rolling,
“Okay guys, we need a plan…” I said, everyone looked up.

The End

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