Everyone was running. Trees whipped around us, branches scratching our skin, but no one cared. Only one thought was running through our heads. Getting away. How could we expect to over throw them, if we had lost the first battle? They were too tough for us, too powerful. 

Jade was ahead running with Marc, but there was too much going on for me to be bothered by that. William was a little behind them, slowing under the weight of Lucinda. Ellie was in the air, with Eve speeding ahead while Luke kept teleporting next to her. 

Me, Ben and Zoey were at the back. We had volunteered to be the back guard, seeing as we were the strongest. Well Zoey was the strongest, but Ben was indestructible and could fight. I could turn into any animal, and happily rip out there throats with my teeth. 

I glanced behind me to see if we were being followed, but all I could see was the house on fire. 

"Marc!" I shouted, and he spun round while still running. "Track them." 

Do something useful, I thought to myself. There was something about the guy, that made me feel angry. I pushed it aside, as jumped over a tree root. 

"I can't feel them. There gone." He shouted back, slowing.

Every one stopped and looked around. We were all breathing heavily, hands on our knees. Ellie landed next to us, and Luke teleported. We just stood there, unable to say anything. Finally Eve broke the silence.

"What will we do know?" she whispered. A bloody scratch covered her left cheek, and I noticed that there were bruises on her arms. Looking round, I saw that the majority of us had wounds. 

"I don't know about you, but I want to find them and destroy them." Ben said angrily. Patting him on the back, I told him I felt the same. They deserved to die. Every last one of them. And we needed to do it, before they killed us.

"Don't be stupid Ben." Zoey said. "They just nearly killed us. Were all tired, and do any of us know how to find them?" 

"Zoey's right. Some of us are too weak." William said, who glanced at Lucinda. She was sat, leaning against a tree.

"What so were just supposed to wait till they get us. Let's surprise them, before they get us off guard again." I said, and Ben nodded. I looked at Jade for support, but she shook her head while putting her hand into mine.

"Jake, listen to them. Were tired and weak. We can't fight now." She looked to the group. "We need to form a plan. Use our brains and powers." 

"Yeah, we need to organise ourselves." Lucinda added. William went to sit next to her, and grabbed her hand. 

"Where are we going to sleep tonight?" Eve asked, and no one said anything. "We'll just have to camp here then." She said, sitting down. Others began to rest on the floor, till none of us were standing. 

"Right. First things first, we need to recognise what our roles are. Who are the fighters for example." Ben said. He put his hand up. "I would say I am a fighter, as is Zoey, Jake and William." 

"That's not fair." Luke said to him. "We can all fight. I think we just proved ourselves then." 

"And that's why were all snuggled up in our own beds, in that house." Ben snapped back, sarcastically. 

"Hey! Quit the arguing will use. We are not going to solve anything, while we are snapping at each others throats. We'll be dead in seconds." Jade shouted. 

"Let's talk in the morning." Marc said to the group. "When were all less stressed and annoyed." 

He was right, and slowly people began to find a comfy spot to sleep on. Jade lay next to me, and we soon sleep hit us. It had been a long day, with fights after fights. The last one had topped it all, and everyone was tired. Snores filled the camp.


The End

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