Once the people had finally dribbled out of Lucinda's room, I pulled her close again. "Where were we?" I asked, "Oh yeah, I love you too." I told her, pulling her closer, yet still being careful about her wounded stomach. 

We stayed like that for a while then I released her a little bit so that her head was in front of mine, I leaned my forehead against hers and stared into her amazingly green eyes. "Don't you dare leave me," I said, leaning closer. 

Just then Luke appeared in the room again. "Ok Luke, I may be pretty even tempered but this is really starting to push it." I told him, my annoyance evident in my voice. 

"I'm really sorry, but I was told to come up and tell you, every single one of the black ones has appeared outside. We are meeting in the living room." Luke said then disappeared. 

I looked at Lucinda, "No, you are still hurt!" I told her, my voice pleading. 

"I'm fine! I can't stand it, I mean It's so irritating just sitting here while you guys fight." she retorted.

"Fine? You may not be able to stand it but you can't stand either!" I told her, starting to get desperate now.

"Oh just watch me! I can stand perfectly fine!" she said standing  up. She wobbled slightly and then had to catch herself on the wall. 

"Ugh see? I told you!" I said. 

"I. Am. Fine! I can still fight! I just havent stood in ages!!"

"Look, try making a clone? If you can make a clone I will let you send her into battle." I pleaded.

That earned me a glare, "Fine. But don't think I'm weak!"

I sighed in relief, "Never, you aren't weak, it isn't weak to have been injured in battle."

"But I'm just a burden," she said, giving me a sad face.

"No you aren't, what do you think makes this fight worth fighting?" I asked, looking straight into her beautiful eyes, "Because I really don't care what happens to all the people out there in the world. They're killing themselves as it is."

"Don't say that... I'm not important. You should fight for those people out there who don't know what it's like not to hear guns everyday... not to live in fear of tomorrow. In reality I wish for once the world was at peace instead of always fighting," she said.

"Yes, but that is not something I could ever hope to stop; human nature would have to be completely changed to make the fighting stop, so how can that be my motivation?" I asked seriously.

She gave me one of her looks, "What about all those who haven't been born yet? Fight for the furture generations... their future is set in stone but maybe we can change it slightly anyway. Are we allowed to decide how the world will end... Are we allowed to decide whether someone dies? Even the Black Ones... I don't think I truely want them to die..."

"I'm not sure I do either..." I said remembering how I couldn't watch as Solon plummeted back down to earth, "and I would fight even if you weren't here, however, maybe not so, not so ferociously...you've seen what I can do..."

"Then do one more thing for me. Let me see what we are fighting for... Let me see what happens. Please." She knew she said in a pleading voice.

I sighed, "I can give you that, at least." I said, scooping her up and carrying her to the living room. 

"I love you, I really do..." she said on the way there, leaning her head against my chest and blushing.

I squeezed her gently, "I love you too Lucinda." 

When we arrived in the living room we found a hubbub of activity. "They are all out there," Marc said. 

"I wonder if this is going to be it? The final battle?" Jake asked, his arm around Jade.

"I doubt it," I said, "unless we kill all of them, or they kill all of us, then I seriously doubt that this is the end." 

That brought most people's attention to us. 

"No," a bunch of people said at once, "you are not bringing Lucinda into this." 

I sighed, "I'm not going to, both of us will be on the sidelines, I am long-range anyways, so I will still be helping, she just wants to see the battle. Well, that and send her clones in. Show em' Lucinda." I said.

She closed her eyes, and then there were two clones standing beside me. None of them had a hole in their stomach where the fireball had hit Lucinda. She wants to be helpful, give her a chance.

There was a crash as one of the windows broke and a fireball launched through it. We, all looked around, "Get outside!" I called, we really didn't want to be impeded by the stuff in the house. We all poured outside, and the fight was on. I caused the wind to sweep in and blow dust into the eyes of the black ones, temporarily blinding them. Ben, Jake, Zoey, and Eve charged in to their midst. Luke was already there, attacking whoever he could. I stayed back with Lucinda and added my strength to the battle. Lucinda cried out and gasped in pain, I held her tighter, wishing that somehow I could end it. I looked for her clones, one was still fighting the other was in the clutches of Solon. I sent a spear of wind for her stomach, it stabbed through her side leaving a bloody gash in it's trail. I saw Solon gasp, and Lucinda relaxed in my arms. 

But as the battle progressed it became more and more obvious that we were losing. "Let's get out of here!" I yelled, "Retreat to the edge of the forcefield!" I watched as everyone ran toward the edge of the forcefield.

"Ben! You hold them off as well as you can, Jake, help him!" I called, they nodded and turned around, "Ellie, help me fly people up and over, the rest of you, help Ben and Jake wherever possible!"  I called as I formed a platform of air under me. I carried Lucinda over to the other side of the shield and laid her down, "I'll be right back," I promised.

Once everyone was on the other side, I picked up Lucinda and we all ran into the surrounding forest.

The End

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