After being locked in the cellar I wanted to get outside, but a team meeting was called, we all gathered in Lucinda’s bedroom but nothing was really decided. Ellie stormed off and the rest of us went to see Jade, who’d eaten a nut which she was allergic to. She looked ill lying on her bed but now she had Jake so she was okay, I slightly regretted turning her down, she was nice and beautiful and fun to be around. I began to feel envious of Jake, but it wasn’t my place, I shouldn’t be angry at him, it was me who encouraged her to go after him.

I sighed and made my way outside, “I’m going outside,” I told everyone and went out the door, I sensed Zoey following me.

“Mind if I come?” she asked joining me, right now I really wanted to be alone but perhaps all I needed was some company. We strolled in silence for a way,
“You discovered your power then?” I asked,
“Yeah,” she replied, she lifted her arm to show me something but it looked like a normal girl’s arm to me. “Strength,” she explained after seeing my expression.
“Strength?” I asked incredulously,
“So I think,” she grinned and swept beneath me lifting me above her, I laughed out in shock and fear,
“Hey! Put me down! I
believe you now! You hear me! Put me down!” I shouted so quickly it almost blurred into French. She tossed me into her other hand as if I were as light as a feather, “That was not funny,” I growled but my voice gave away my humour slightly.
She smiled and giggled as I brushed out my shirt and trousers,
“You are from France then?” she asked, “That is neat,”
“Yes,” I shrugged it wasn’t really, “And you are from the US?” I checked,
“Yes -,” she began but stopped abruptly, Luke was suddenly standing there smiling. Arms folded and grinning from ear to ear,
“Do you ever use your feet anymore?” Zoey asked,
“We’re going to have some dinner soon. Probably should start heading towards the house, since you guys actually have to use your feet,” he then disappeared as quickly as he had come, a twinkle in his eyes.

“He’s always causing troub-” I stopped, and raised my hand to stop her too, “Someone’s watching us,” I whispered, I tried to find where she was and Zoey bent down to pick up a piece of paper on the floor. She read it quietly and I met eyes with the black eyes in the bushes and goosebumps raised on my arms. Zoey looked up in the same direction, the bushes moved slightly and I could feel her presence no more.
“Whatever it was it’s gone now,” I said soothingly, but I checked my surrounding in case my tracking sense wasn’t working. “Let’s hurry before it comes back,” I said and we picked up pace as we walked across the lawn. Zoey’s shiny brown hair bounced as she walked, she was fairly tall but not nearly as tall as me, she caught me looking at her and smiled, my answering smile was a moment too late.

“So Jake and Jade made up,” she said, I gritted my teeth,
“I guess,” I managed to reply,
“I wonder what made them fall out?” she mused, I knew, I wasn’t going to say,
“I have an idea,” I stopped her before we got into the house, she raised an eyebrow, “You know William and Lucinda are always together and Jake and Jade are pretty close…” I drifted off,
“Yes?” she said after a moment,
“Well I was just thinking, you know for safety reasons we should stick together too?”
“Sure why not?” she smiled and I sighed in relief, I hated rejection,
“Then maybe Luke and Ellie and Eve and Ben?”
“Not Luke and Ellie, remember them in Lucinda’s bedroom?” she asked, I smiled,|
“Okay regroup, Luke and Eve and Ellie and Ben,”
“Better,” she smiled as we made our way to the dinning room.

“Salut!” I smiled as we walked in,
“Don’t go all French on me, I can’t speak that stupid language,” Luke smiled. Jade was sat on the edge of the room, her swelling had gone down but she still looked pale, I gave her a look to say you alright? She nodded and smiled timidly, Jake swung passed me with two plates and perched on the end of the chair; he passed her the plate and winked at her. I swallowed and looked away, jealousy was a strange thing, I smiled back at Zoey,
“Jade just told us your idea,” Ellie said passing me a plate,
“I forgot you and your hearing,” I looked towards her but she was talking intensely with Jake, I blushed and looked back at Ellie,
“Good thinking, Ben come here,” he obeyed, she ruffled his hair and smiled, “hey partner,”

“I get the cook on my side,” he grinned and bit down on a bread roll,
“I’ve introduced a no nuts policy, for Jade’s sake,” she said to everyone, I nodded and took a seat next to Zoey. I noticed Eve and Luke talking with each other, they laughed and he threw his arm over her chair subtly, I smiled and continued to eat.

“If worst come to worst, Marc can sit around and sense for a Black One, he can make a noise and alert Jade who can tell Luke who can teleport to everyone else explaining,” Eve offered,
“Hopefully it won’t get any worse,” I said, that didn’t sound much like fun to me, I had to concentrate to sense where they were, I didn’t want to be constantly scanning the area.
“Just a precaution,” she said, I nodded and smiled so as not her hurt her feelings. I glanced back at Jake and Jade, her head was against his shoulder and he was stroking her hair, my eyebrows mashed up and I had to look away. I was such an idiot couldn’t I accept I was too late? It was all my fault anyway, I guess I just didn’t like Jake, he was too cocky or something. I tuned into the conversation at the table,
“… in the bushes, I got this note,” Zoey pulled out the paper, I had forgotten to ask about that, she passed it round and the reactions off people was scary,
“We should definitely always stick in twos,” Ben nodded,
“Gosh Zoey, you okay?” Eve asked,
“I’m fine, I had Marc,”
“A lot of good he would do if you were attacked,” Jake stood up and walked to the table, I narrowed my eyes,
“He knew she was there,” Zoey told him,
“And what are you going to do? Turn into a pussy cat? Or a wasp, that one was ingenious, sting her and maybe she’ll actually cry out in pain,” I growled,
“Shut it tracker boy,” Jake’s hand landed on the table and he leaned in towards me,
“Guys,” Jade stood up and touched Jake’s shoulder,

“Tracker boy?” I spat and stood up too, “You are a piece of…”
“Guys!” Jade roared, “Both of you, shut it,” she snapped. I sat back down and then watched as Jake paced out of the room, Jade gave an apologetic look and followed him out.
“What’s with you and Jake?” Luke asked, I shrugged,
“He gets under my skin,” I said, “Sorry I won’t lash out in future,” I promised,
“He started it, don’t worry, Jade will talk to him,” Zoey promised wiping a strand of hair from her eyes, I smiled at her,
“Thank you Zoey, tu as fait ma journée,” I said she looked blank but I left her wondering as I got up and went down into the cellar, I wanted to be alone.

The End

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