We all slipped from Jade's room, leaving her alone with Jake. Obviously the wound between them had healed. I had wondered how it was opened...I shook my head, following the others down the stairs quietly.

  After the strange man had attacked me, a sense of thoughtfullness and anxiety had enveloped me. My thoughts lingered on the strength which I had punched the stranger with, and the moment of my near death, the fright which fluttered inside me was the worst feeling in the entire world.

  I felt slightly frightened alone, though eased by my new found abilities, I could not stop the man who had near strangled me with physical strength alone. I had never truly fit in with any group before, though this group was forced to fit together by destiny. Somehow we were all relatives, in some peculiar way. We all were so different, yet we needed each other, whether we liked it or not. We would be dead meat so simply if we allowed ourselves to be split-could we defeat them, and perhaps escape this prison of a dome?

  I hoped Jade and Lucinda would be alright-William and Jake seemed to have them well guarded with their powers. Everyone scattered about the main floor as we took the final steps, a few departing to the basement. I stood at the last step, unsure of which of the groups to join.

   "I'm going outside," Marc muttered, seemed to be lost in thought.

   "Mind if I come?" I asked, walking over, I would really love a stroll, but would not like to go on my own. He appeared to be a little annoyed, but nodded.

   We walked in silence, which I was glad, I did not necessarily come out for conversation. The smell of the breeze eased my headache and untangled my thoughts for the time being. I felt so much better.

   "You discovered your power, then?" he asked after a while.

   "Yeah," I smiled, raising my arms to flex my muscles. My arms were still incredibly thin, showing average-sized muscling-not that impressive at a glance. "Strength."

   "Strength?" he raised his eyebrows incredulously.

   I grinned. "So I think." In a blink I swept him off his feet and held him over my head with one hand. 

   He laughed so hard, crying, "Hey! Put me down! I believe you now! You hear me! Put me down!!"

   I playfully tossed him to my other hand as if he was a doll, and then gently sat him down on his feet.  I smiled, giggling as he brushed his shirt and pants back into place. "That was not funny."  Marc said, though laughter lurked within his words.  

   Still smirking, we continued walking. "You are from France, then?" I inquired, making conversation. "That is neat."

   Marc shrugged, "Yes. And you are from the U.S?"

   "Yes-,"  I began. Luke appeared before us, making me yelp with suprise, jumping back. "Do you ever use your feet anymore?"  I laughed.

    His eyes glittered in amusement, brushing some of his black hair back. "We're going to have some dinner soon. Probably should start heading toward the house, since you guys actually have to use your feet."  With that, he faded into the wind, disappearing.

   "He is always causing troub-." grinned Marc, shaking his head and as we started back. He paused, raising his hand as a signal to stop. "Someone's watching us." he murmured so that it was barely audible.

   Marc whipped around, his eyes scanning the trees.  I spotted a piece of paper rolling across the grass on the breeze, pensively, I bent and picked it up. Unrolling it, I read,


   Beware-I am after you. Next time I will catch you when no one is listening.

   I am Socrates-there is no reason running now. The more you will struggle, the more you will suffer. No use fleeing from your fate, you will only make it worse.

  We shall meet again....soon.

  I gulped, gazing to where Marc was staring, into the leaves of a nearby tree. I saw a pair of familiar, dark eyes, lit up with ugly delight. The eyes faded into the shadows , and Marc whispered, "Whatever it was, it's gone now."  He still looked cautiously about, putting his hand on my shoulder and leading me back to the house. "Let's hurry, before it comes back."

    My eyes still caught on the tree, I tucked the note in my pocket and followed Marc back to the house.   


The End

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