So much seemed to have happened while I had been asleep, the first thing I remembered when waking up was hearing William yell,

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" I opened my eyes slightly, the sunlight was harsh against them but I could make out William holding someone up against the wall. He had a look of thunder on his face and I watched as he spat, "You. Stay. Away. From. Her. Or. I'll. Kill. You."

He swung her out the window and I saw a flash of navy blue hair. Solon. I looked back at William just as Ben burst in, William just told him that everything was fine and dusted his hands. I sat there amazed as he turned and saw me watching him,

"I-I never thought you could get so angry!" It came out as a squeak because I hadn't used my voice for ages, "You've always been so nice..."

William knelt down by my bed and ran his hand through my hair,

"You know I would never, ever hurt you Lucinda. But yes, I suppose I can get a little over protective sometimes..." 

I sat up, wincing slightly from the pain in my abdomen, holding out my arms I waited for a hug. William gave me one of his smiles and hugged me.

  "I'm just happy that I'm on your side," I whispered in his ear, I mean he was so strong. Stronger then I was, I mean all I could do was make useless copies of myself.

William moved back and gave me another of his amazing smiles, I could feel myself blush slightly, "I'm happy that you're on my side too."

The moment was ruined by the sound of Jade's voice, "Hey! Solon! The fights down here."

I felt myself jump and William straightened up. I heard Solon retort back to Jade and watched as William stormed over to the window, I could feel the wind whipping round my hair and watched as he growled, "I said stay away." Through gritted teeth. "I did warn you."

I watched as William called on the wind to, presumably, fling Solon away. He turned his head away and I got how he couldn't stand seeing someone die because of him, no matter how evil they were. He turned back slowly and leaned out, shouting,

"Thanks, you two," He turned back towards me and I knew I was smiling, I mean he had just saved me -again. He knelt back down by the bed and I reached out a hand, trailing it softly down his cheek and under his chin. I frowned slightly as I felt the scar that was hidden beneath it,

"How did you get the scar?" I said before I could stop myself, I saw William sigh,

"Are you sure you want to know?" I nodded, in a way I was annoyed at whoever had hurt William. Who could hurt him? He was so kind and gentle.

I listened as he told me about how they had been surrounded by a group of teenagers, and how he had tried to stop them taking his Little sister. I felt myself grow queasy as he told me about how one stabbed him, and then I felt myself getting angry. Someone had stabbed him! And taken his little sister! I wanted to kill them.

William looked so sad, I had to say something,  "Well, maybe she is still alive out there..." I trailed off knowing that it wouldn't be like that.

He looked away from me and I knew there was more, "They found her body two days later, she had been beaten and raped," his voice broke slightly from emotion and he had to start again "then knifed to death." 

I didn't know what to say, "Oh".

Oh?! Seriously! Was that all I could say? I felt a tear fall down my cheek for William as he sat on the bed, I moved around slightly to put my arms around his shoulder.

He turned around and we were now face to face. I looked into his blue eyes and saw that they were slightly moist. He carefully put me on his lap and hugged me tightly.

How could someone do that to him? How could they do that to my William?

My? I guess I really did like Will... he was the only one who was there for me, he was so nice and so calm. He cared for me and he was lonely like me. I loved him.

 "Now you know why I get so over protective like that at times...I-I don't think I could take it if something like that happened to you..." He trailed off. I rested my head against his chest and said,

"I love you."

"I love you too." William said pulling me tighter, I smiled. I was happy with Will, nothing could break us apart... Well nothing except Luke.

He suddenly appeared in the room, "Hey guys!" Has he never heard of a door? Really?!  "Glad to see I'm not interrupting anything!" 

I narrowed my eyes at him and I knew William was too, I was satisfied to see that he began to redden,"Well it isn't my fault; blame Ben he's the one who called a meeting up here!" I heard William sigh and say, "Some people have absolutely no respect for privacy!"  I smiled slightly and then everyone else began to arrive. 

Half way through the... well I guess 'meeting', Luke said something about looking forward to finally having his own Black One. I watched as Ellie chucked a book at him, I frowned slightly, Why did it have to be a book, I mean there was a empty photo frame right there. Ok! So I was still 'slightly' annoyed at the fact that Luke had just... bursted in!

I watched as Ellie stormed off quickly followed by Luke. I watched the others as they began to talk again. I saw Ellie out the window from the corner of my eye but turned back to what the others were saying, when I turned back to the window Ellie was gone.


The End

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