My eyes were just drifting off, when the timer on the over buzzed. I sighed getting up of the sofa. The kitchen was filled with the smell of baked cookies that I just made.

"Hiya Ellie. Wow these look great." Eve said coming into the kitchen a little too fast.

"Thanks." I told her as I placed them on a large plate. "Take one, before the guy's clock them."

"Cookies!" Zoey came in then, sitting on the kitchen counter. "Can I have one Ellie?" She asked pointing to the newly baked cookies.

"Sure go a head." I gestured to her. Both girls took one bite out of the cookie and smiled.

"Wow Ellie, you're like amazing at cooking. These are just out of this world." Zoey told me taking another bite out of her cookie; Eve smiled and carried on eating hers

"Yep definitely, the best cookie ever." Eve said after finishing hers. "Did your mum show you how to cook or something?"

I fell silent, turning my back on them.

 "Hey girls." Jade called to us I spun round to face her.

"Hey." Zoey replied to her sliding off the counter.

"What's up?" Eve asked picking up a apple from the fruit bowl in front of her and playing with it.

"Ben's called a group meeting in Lucinda's bedroom," Jade informed us all. I smiled at her. I knew that another group meeting was coming, what with all the attacks that we were having lately. So far I didn't come across a black one. Give it time. My mind told me.

 "Thanks Jade, want a cookie? Don't tell the guys, they'll be gone in two seconds if they knew I'd been baking" I told her tossing her a cookie. I like Jade something about her, I felt like I could relate to her. I never really had any friends at home, no-one I would miss. But I didn't mind being one my own, I was anyway.

"Awesome!" Jade laughed, "Thanks," She bit into it and that spat it out, then she coughed. She went over to the sink, taking a glass and  rinsed her mouth out. "I'm so sorry, it's probably really nice! I'm allergic to nuts," Jade explained. I just nodded I wasn't sure what my face was showing though. Dammit! Why didn't I ask them if they were allergic to anything?

"Seriously? What? You've never eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?" Zoey asked seeming a little surprised.

"No, like I said, I'm allergic," Jade repeated Zoey just shrugged and stalked off. I felt really bad, this was my fault.  I head Jade sigh as me and Eve headed to Lucinda room.

We were all gathered in Lucinda room, Ben was last to arrive he slammed a picture down on the dresser that I was leaning against. Everyone gasped looking at the picture, it was a man.

 "We've been given a gift, for a purpose. Will we use it for that or not? Now, I bet we can find away out of this dome but what will do with our freedom. I going to find my father, and save him. I need your help but if you don't come that's ok. But bear in mind that until this threat is nullified all of our families are in danger. We have to stop them, because if we don't who else can?" Ben explained to us all.

"These 10 Black ones. And these 10 of us. Each one of them has being assigned to us." Marc said holding out a piece of paper with are names on it and who are match was. Marc was also holding another piece of paper, I took it out of his hand, and the second one had our powers on it.

"It's only Luke and Ellie now." William suddenly said looking at the other piece of paper now.

"What?" I asked.

"That hasn't come face to face with there own Black one." William informed us.

"Well, I'm looking forward to it." Luke said. I grabbed book from behind me and throw it at him. He wasn't playing attention, so the book hit him in his muscle chest. "Hey Ellie what's that for?"

"Why do you feel left out or something?" I questioned him, the others staying quite.

"No I.I." Luke didn't really know what to say.

"Unbelievable, Luke really. I bet you just go looking for whoever you match is. God, it's not a blind date." I was getting angry and I didn't know why.

"Ellie, I don't think he means anything by that." Jake told me touching my hand. I snatched it away and stormed out of Lucinda room. I could feel my anger going around my body building up in my back. I ran down the hallway, my wings opening up.

"Ellie, wait I didn't mean it!" Luke shouted I didn't stop I just throw straight out the open window.

I loved flying. I really felt alive. My beautiful wings were fast and I did a few tricks. Going upside, swooping down to the ground then shooting back up the sky. I flew right up to the top of the dome. I was hovering by the hole, feeling the wind from the outside. I reached my hand out touching the dome, then putting my hand though the hole. I moved closer, stretching my whole arm out.

"So far so good." I said to my self. I was about to put my other hand though when suddenly, out of no- where something blue shot out in front of me. I gasped and looked ground.

Then I heard the cackling sound of laugher coming from the ground. Dress all in black and with short blood red hair was a woman.

"Trying to run from me?" She called to me, her voice made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I moved trying to get away from her, this only made her smile more.

"Why don't you come down here, talk like adults." She sweet talked me. I glared at her. She didn't like that very much. She moved her hand, shooting blue lightening straight at me. I douched the lightening, but only just.

"I'm waiting". She called again. This time I did move down towards her, still in the air.

"What do you want?" I asked.

She didn't answer me instead she took something out of her pocket.

"Your uncle nice looking. Hmm. It will be a shame to hurt him." She was looking at a photo graph, touching it with her bony white fingers.

"Don't you dare do anything to hurt him?" I spat at her. Edging closer to her. She just laughed, putting the photo back in her pocket. She was looking at me now, gracing over my wings and thinking. Then she jumped up and grabbed me by the shoulders pulling me down to the ground.

"Get off me!" I shouted in her face, trying to get free, my wings had gone.

"Don't worry little Ellie, I won't hurt you. Not yet that is." She whispered in my ear. I shivered underneath her.

"Who are you?" I gasped out.

"Carnaxa". She replied then she disappeared. I couldn't move. A few moments later I head a noise. I jumped up thinking it was Carnaxa coming back. But when I turned Luke was standing near me.

"Are you ok Ellie?" He asked.

"I'm sorry Luke." I told him walking passed him.

"And me, Ellie I'm sorry too. Come on, let go and see the others." Luke replied. I was wondering whether to tell the others about Carnaxa as we walked into Jade's room.



The End

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