"Nothing to worry about...I took care of it." I told Ben matter-of-factly as I dusted off my hands. 

He looked unsure, but he ducked out of the room anyways. I walked over to Lucinda her eyes were huge with fright. "I-I never thought you could get so angry!" she squeaked, "You've always been so nice.." 

I reached out a hand to stroke her beautiful red hair. "You know I would never, ever hurt you Lucinda. But yes, I suppose I can get a little over protective sometimes..." 

She nodded then held her arms out, waiting for a hug. I was only to happy to oblige her. "I'm just happy that I'm on your side," she whispered to me as I leaned down. 

"I'm happy that you're on my side too." I smiled. 

"Hey! Solon! The fights down here." called a voice from outside. I straightened up immediately. 

"Stupid girl. It's not you I want, It's the red head." I heard her retort; this woman never gives up does she? "Oh look, it's the family pet." She continued sarcastically. "What are you going to do down there. You haven't even got the brains to turn into something that could fly up here."

I arrived at the window, and saw Solon climbing up to the window, "He doesn't need to, all he needs is a big voice to get the attention of someone you have seriously angered." Jade told her. 

"I said stay away." I growled through gritted teeth. "I did warn you."

Then I sent a gust of wind to carry her way up into the sky. I ruthlessly sent her up higher and higher. Finally I let her go, and free-fall back to earth. I watched her fall with something that was almost glee. Maybe she'll break her neck or something! I thought happily, and then she will never bother Lucinda, me, or anyone else ever again! But I found that as much as I hated her and wanted her to die, I couldn't watch her hit the ground. I turned my face away and waited for a thud or splat or whatever sound it is that black ones make when they hit the ground from a mile high fall. When I didn't hear it I looked to see that Solon was gone and Jake was no longer a lion but a teen again. 

"Thanks, you two," I called. Jake nodded then led Jade inside, I was happy to see that they had made up again. 

I turned back to Lucinda. She was smiling at me and  I walked over to her. She reached out and trailed her hand down my cheek. Her eyebrows screwed up as she touched a huge scar hidden under my chin, out of sight. "How did you get that scar?" She asked me.

I sighed that scar had no good memories with it. I sat down on the bed next to her, "Are you sure you want to know?" I asked.

She nodded so I began, "Well, when it happened when I was around ten. Mom sent me and my little sister out to go get some groceries. On the way there we were surrounded by a gang of teenagers. They-they tried to take my sister, and I tried to stop them...so they stabbed me here," I said, pointing to my scar, "I fainted from the pain. Wh-when I woke up I was in a hospital and they had no idea where my sister was." I said sadly.

"Well, maybe she is still alive out there..." Lucinda trailed off hopefully.

I looked away as a tear rolled down my cheek, "They found her body two days later, she had been beaten and raped," my voice broke so I swallowed and started again, "then knifed to death." 

"Oh," Lucinda said, unable to think of anything to make me feel better. I heard her moving around, then I felt her arms around my shoulders. I turned around so that we were face to face then put my arms around her. I carefully repositioned her onto my lap moving her slowly so as not to hurt her. Then I wrapped her in my arms, holding her tightly.

"Now you know why I get so over protective like that at times...I-I don't think I could take it if something like that happened to you..." I trailed off. 

"I love you," Lucinda whispered.

"I love you too," I told her, pulling her tighter against me. 

Luke materialized in the room, "Hey guys!" He said cheerfully, "Glad to see I'm not interrupting anything!" 
Both of us glared at him till he finally started to redden a little, "Well it isn't my fault; blame Ben he's the one who called a meeting up here!"
I sighed and rolled my eyes, "Some people have absolutely no respect for privacy!" I complained. Then the others started to arrive.

The End

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