Suddenly Jake leaned in and his lips were on my, all my thoughts had disappeared and I had forgotten my name, I closed my eyes and relished the moment. In my opinions kisses were underrated; he pulled away and smiled,

"Don't jump out on a Black One like that again, on your own. She could have had you in the palm of her hands. Do you realize how dangerous that was? What would I have done if she had started to inflict pain on you? I would have been at her mercy. It's-" I smiled,

"Jake?" I whispered, giggling gently. He stopped, waiting.

"Kiss me again." I said, and he grinned. I lent towards him, and kissed him. Only seconds later we were interrupted,
“Hey! This is not the time to be pressing lips! Dang it! We are being attacked and you guys are actually kissing each other! The fate of world rests with us and you guys are making out!”

Jake looked up angrily,
“Calm down Ben! None your business.” Jake said sternly and Ben glared at him, he then turned his head to me.
“Please get everyone one up in Lucinda’s room. We need to have a meeting.” He told me, I nodded and watched as he sprinted off into the house. Jake leaned in and kissed my cheek swiftly,
“See you in Lucinda’s bedroom,” he whispered and jogged off around the house to round up people outside, I went into the house and caught Ellie, Eve and Zoey,
“Hey girls,” I smiled, they turned to me, I didn’t think they liked me much, I wasn’t sure what it was. I didn’t have many girl friends at home; I had grown up with my brother and been with Zack for four years. Girl’s company wasn’t something I needed, I was perfectly happy being the flirtatious girl who hung with the guys. “Hey,” Zoey said sliding off the counter,
“What’s up?” Eve asked toying with an apple,
“Ben’s called a group meeting in Lucinda’s bedroom,” I explained, Ellie smiled, she had always been nice to me. “Thanks Jade, want a cookie? Don’t tell the guys, they’ll be gone in two seconds if they knew I’d been baking,” he tossed me a warm cookie,
“Awesome!” I laughed, “Thanks,” I bit into it and that spat it out, I coughed and then rinsed my mouth out. “I’m so sorry, it’s probably really nice!” I began, “I’m allergic to nuts,” I explained, Ellie nodded but looked hurt,
“Seriously? What? You’ve never eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?” Zoey asked, I shook my head,
“No, like I said, I’m allergic,” I repeated she shrugged and stalked off, Ellie and Eve followed leaving me in the kitchen alone. I sighed and slipped down two antihistamine pills to stop my face from swelling up, it was embarrassing having an allergy, especially when people didn’t know. Everyone would now, I would probably have to lie down for a while, but I really wanted to go to the meeting, I swallowed the pills and some more water.
“Alright druggy?” Luke smiled walking in,
“Team meeting in Lucinda’s bedroom,” I wheezed,
“Team? We’re not a sports team,” he smiled, “Oh a cookie!” he picked up the remains of mine and scoffed it down, I didn’t mention I’d eaten a bite of it. He began to walk out the room and then turned,
“You just gonna stand there?” he asked, I shook my head, I started to feel a bit wobbly,
“I just ate a nut and I’m allergic,” I said taking a seat, I put my head in between my legs and concentrated on breathing. “Not good,” Luke stated.
“I’m fine,” I promised, he picked me up in his strong arms and suddenly we were in my bedroom,
“Home sweet home,” Luke put me on the bed and smiled,
“I’ll let the rest know, you’ll probably be able to hear what we say anyway,” he winked and dissipated into the air, I downed another antihistamine and fell asleep on the bed.


Waking up I was faced with nine people all looking at me, I opened my eyes and blinked, they just stood there watching me.
“She looks like a blown up whale,” Eve laughed,
“Hey!” Jake snapped, “It’ll go down by dinner time,” I gingerly touched my face, it had swollen, I dared not look in the mirror.
“Why are you all here?” I asked, my voice thick with sleep,
“We came to check on you,” Marc informed me, I nodded,
“I look like a freak show,” I complained,
“You look lovely,” Jake smiled,
“I really am sorry,” Ellie said,
“It wasn’t your fault, I should have said,” she smiled at me timidly,

“Okay, let the whale woman rest,” Luke winked and herded the rest of the group out the door, “get well soon!” he called before he shut the door. Jake came to sit on the corner of my double bed,
“I used to be allergic to soap,”
“I bet you were never whale woman like me,” I said, I could feel my lips protruding out my face,
“Not quite as good as you,” he winked, “Do you need anything?” he asked,
“A hug?” I asked, he crawled over the bed and wrapped his arms around me, “I guess the good thing is that it’s not contagious,” I said,
“That is a good thing,” he said, his warm breath on my ear. He sat back and kicked off his shoes, we sat in silence for a while and then closed my eyes,
“Tell me about yourself,” I said sleepily,
“Okay,” he paused, “My name is Jake,” he laughed, “Don’t fall asleep okay?” I opened my eyes,
“I’m just resting my eyes, I’m listening,” I promised, he grinned and ruffled my hair,
“My parents, are never really around, they have good jobs,” he stopped again and began to play with my fingers, “we’re sort of millionaires,” I opened my eyes, impressed,
“Cool,” I acted nonchalant,
“I had a girlfriend back in England,” my eyes opened again and I raised an eyebrow, which is hard with such a puffy face, he laughed, “Nothing like you, she was call Fran, only after me because of my money. That’s why I like it here, no one knew about me, so I knew you liked me for who I was rather than for the shallow things,”

“No, it was totally your good looks,” I grinned, he rolled his eyes, “honestly Jake, you have the nicest personality,”
“Thanks, what about you. You must have had loads of boyfriends down under,” he said,
“I had one,” I said reluctantly, “He was called Zack, we were good friends,”
“How long did you go out with him?” he asked,
“One… two, three… okay four years,”
“Four years!” Jake cried,
“Those four years with him were nothing compared to the four days I’ve had with you,”
“Thanks Jade, but how can I compete with a four year relationship? God, you must have been mature at the age of twelve, how old was he?”
“He’s eighteen now, he’s two years older,” Jake nodded slowly,
“I guess we only have each other now, that’s all that matters,” he whispered playing with my hair,
“That is all that matters,” I agreed.

The End

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