I gritted my teeth together. This was getting very annoying. All these teenagers getting all lovey dovy around each other when people were attacking us. I was getting tired. These Black Ones kept popping up all over the house. I heard a commotion outside and sprinted out. I got there just in time to see Solon fall into the ground and watch Jake and Jade kiss. Oh good. I gritted my teeth together and stormed up to them.

“Hey! This is not the time to be pressing lips! Dang it! We are being attacked and you guys are actually kissing each other! The fate of world rests with us and you guys are making out!”

Jake looked up angrily, “Calm down Ben! None your business.”

I glared at him. Then turned my head to Jade. “Please get everyone one up in Lucinda’s room. We need to have a meeting.” She nodded.

I ran back inside. My scales were almost always out now. I began sprinting to the cellar to see if anyone was down there. Suddenly, there was a figure before me. He had a grey cloak and tall stature. I was instantly on guard even though he wore grey I knew he was  Black albeit one with a sense of uniqueness. I couldn’t tell how old he was. He had a sort of dignity about him. I felt a grudging respect for him. He had piercing eyes and high cheekbones. He was not heavily muscled but he had an aura of strength. His face bore none of the mocking arrogance of the others it even seemed kind of sad. He handed me a black envelope and said a single sentence, “No one is invincible.” I looked down at the envelope there was a black claw on it. I ripped it open and my heart jumped to my throat. There was picture of my father. His flawless suit was ripped up and his face was contorted in sheer agony. I looked up my heart hammering in my chest. The man was gone. I knew what his power was. Intelligence, and he was right I wasn’t invincible. I couldn’t tear my eyes from the photo. I put my back to the wall and slid down my throat closing up.

            I sat there for 2 minutes. Then I closed my fist and slammed it into the floor. I will save him those slime crossed a line. I jumped to my feet fire coursing through my veins. Marc was coming down the stairs when he saw me he said, “Hey man, you wanted the meeting where are you?”

I nodded and ran up the stairs. They were all in Lucinda’s room I stomped in and slammed the picture down on the dresser. They all looked up and gasped when they saw the picture. I straightened and in a choked voice I made my speech.

“We’ve been given a gift, for a purpose. Will we use it for that or not? Now, I bet we can find away out of this dome but what will do with our freedom. I going to find my father, and save him. I need your help but if you don’t come that’s ok. But bear in mind that until this threat is nullified all of our families are in danger. We have to stop them, because if we don’t who else can?” 

The End

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