I was sat in the cellar reading a magazine when I sensed the presences of another Black One, I ran upstairs and tried to open the door into the hallway but it was locked. I slammed my fists against the door trying to get someone’s attention but I realised no one was around, I knew Jade was outside with Jake and William and the Black One. I kicked the door in frustration, Jade wouldn’t even be able to hear me, I went back down into the cellar and switched on the laptop, it hadn’t been used yet. I typed an e-mail to my mum.

Mum, it’s Marc. I’m just checking in, I’m okay, good actually and I’ll be back as soon as I can. Love you, Marc.

It was short and sweet, but I couldn’t explain to her about all this and I was too twitchy to stay sat down for long. I got up and sat down, only to get up again, I wanted to get outside and help, but I was locked in here, alone. I began to do some press-ups, then sit ups I hadn’t done any in ages, I used to work out a lot in France. I was on the football team and captained the swim team, I was strong and a good runner. I collapsed in the chair and closed my eyes, that workout had tired me out.
I couldn’t tell what was taking Jade, Jake and William so long, I still sensed a Black One close, it was with William, but it wasn’t outside, it was upstairs in Lucinda’s bedroom. I felt so useless lying here, I could tell people where they kept appearing, I sat up and tried to the door again, nothing.
“Help!” I called, no answer. I groaned and thumped the door; I would just have to wait until they decided to come down here. I went back down for a second time and began to play a game of snooker, suddenly the ground began to shake and in the corner something appeared, I watched as a human grew out of the hole. I pointed my cue at the woman standing in my midst, she sneered at me, her eyes resembled a Japanese woman but they were thick with eyeliner and her pupils, like the rest, black.
“That will not save you,” she grinned, walking towards me, she flicked her hand and the cue was thrown across the room, smashing against the wall. I put my hands back to my sides and began to back track, I hated my power, it only warned people and did nothing to protect me at times like this. She stopped by the snooker table and stretched her hand towards me; it stretched as far as it was going to but continued to grow out towards me. She was actually stretching her skin, growing her arm longer, it came to me slowly and stopped inches from my face, her fingers caressed my hair and flicked it out of my eyes. I took another step back but hit the wall, she retracted her arm and it resumed its normal length, I shook my head in disgust. She smiled again and evil look, her white teeth standing out from her olive skin and bright red lips,
“You really are a handsome young man,” she said, “Shame that I have to kill you.”
“Don’t!” I cried, she hadn’t even moved, she cocked her head, “I mean, please, you don’t really need to kill me!” I cried, “I haven’t done anything wrong, all I did was pick up a stone one day and I ended up here!” I explained, she sat on the edge of the snooker table and smiled.
“But I want to be the first to complete my mission,” she said,
“What mission?” I asked,
“I’m on a mission to kill you Marc,” she winked seductively,
“But you’re not going to,” I said strongly,
“What is there to stop me?” she asked tossing a snooker ball up and down, “I have far more power than your poxy tracking sense,”
“What can you do?” I asked trying to keep the conversation light, the ball landed in her hand and her fingers curved around it, opening her hand up again the dust from the ball fell to the ground.
“I see, you are strong,” I smiled,
“I am, but I can also do this,” she elevated herself into the air, “and this,” she suddenly appeared in front of me, “and this,” she said inches from my face, she transformed into another person, she looked African and had long braided hair. “And this,” she said, disappearing in front of my eyes. She reappeared as her former self, “A few more things, we won’t go into detail,” she sat on a sofa, seemingly tired,
“You can do everything, you can fly, teleport, transform, become invisible, stretch, control things with your body,” the jealousy sounded in my voice, how come she got so many when I was stuck with lame tracking. She pulled out a bright red ruby, it almost seemed to glow red,
“I have the power to do anything, but I do have a flaw,” she explained, “I get tired and then don’t have any powers for a few days…” she drifted off and then stood up, covering her mouth with her hand. I laughed at her, she hit herself,
“I should not have said that!” she growled, “It is not true,” she rebuked,
“Thanks, I’m pleased we can be so personal with each other,” I grinned.
“I still have power now,” I could tell she was lying,
“Oh really?” I asked coming towards her, she held her hands out in front of her,
“I am warning you!” she spat. I took a few more steps, she didn’t act so I balled my hand into a fist and went to punch her, she dodged it neatly.
“Okay, I have no power left, but I still have my karate black belt,” she landed a solid kick in my abdomen,
“Come on, go back home!” I yelled landing a punch on her shoulder; she did a flip in the air and landed her fist on the top of my head. I ducked down rubbing it vigorously; she laughed and kicked me in my lower back. I clenched my teeth together; I was not going to be beaten by a girl! I swung my arm round, hoping just to hit her; I did, right in her face. She fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious, I rubbed my arm and knelt down,
“Gotcha Dropides,” I said looking at her tattoo with her name on, I took her arm and dragged her to the hole in the ground, I had an instinct to put her back in the hole. She looked so peaceful I didn’t want to hurt her, but before I dropped her down, I felt through her pockets. She was wearing black trousers and jacket, I didn’t find much, I kept the folded pieces of paper and dropped her into the hole. It immediately closed up; I smiled picking up the pieces of paper and opening one. Inside it was a list of our names, and a name matched with our names from the Black side, another sheet had a list of our powers on it. They were getting inside knowledge and I wanted to know how.

Marc - Dropides

The End

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