"It's Jade she in trouble outside!" Ellie shouted. 

Oh no, not again! Can't they just leave us all alone and go find some other world to terrorize? I thought, giving Lucinda's sleeping form one last look before jumping out the window onto a platform of air, which was the fastest way I could think of to get to Jade. When I got there, Jake was loping up to a man who had just proclaimed himself as Critias. I landed and Jake let out a low, rumbling growl. Critias turned around, "Ah, Jake...ready to die?"

That was just to much, Jake charged him smashing his nose and sending Critias reeling. As Jake came at him again Critias dodged him and hit him in the back, causing Jake to fall over. Suddenly there was a knife in his hands, and he was about to stab it into Jake. I threw a solid blast of wind at Critias as hard as I possibly could. He flew across the yard, landing about five yards away. I ran to Jade and untied her, she was up and running at Critias as soon as she was free. She jumped on him and started to pound her fists into his face over and over and over and over. 

Suddenly Critias disappeared and there was a huge cracking sound as the air rushed in to fill the space his body had been. Jade just sat there, looking stunned, then a tear rolled down her cheek. Jake looked at her once, sniffed, then walked away. I walked up to Jade, "What happened here? I thought you and Jake..." I trailed off.

"You mean me...I doubt Jake feels anything for me..." Jade sniffed. 

"Are you kidding?" I asked incredulously, "I can tell you have hurt him, but with the way he is acting he must really feel something for you!" 

"What do you mean? He's ignoring me!" Jade retorted. 

"Exactly! Jake is a really nice guy! The ONLY reason he would do what he just did, is if he just had his feelings severely hurt by you. Trust me, I know from experience." I grimaced. 

"You-you really think he likes me?" Jade asked.

"Yes, but...what did you do to hurt him so badly?" I asked.

Jade turned very red and looked away, "You don't have to tell me," I told her, "just know that he does care about you." Then I walked away, I needed to talk to Jake.

"Hey, Jake!" I called as I ran up to him, "I need to talk." 

He stopped and waited for me to catch up, "Yeah? What is it?" he asked curiously.

"You know you are just making it worse by ignoring Jade," I told him, he sniffed and started walking, "she really likes you, you know! And whatever she did, she had absolutely no intention of hurting you; and can't you see how much you are hurting her by the way you are treating her? Give her a chance!" 

Jake sighed, "I guess you are right..." he trailed off and then turned around and went over to Jade's still-crying form.

That problem solved I went back up to be with Lucinda. As I opened the door to my room I saw Solon bending over Lucinda, "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I screamed, blasting Solon with a tornado. It flung her against the wall and I heard a loud crack as her head snapped back against the wall. I went up to her and grabbed her around her neck, stopping the airflow to her lungs. As I looked directly into her eyes mustering every bit of hate and putting it into my voice I told her, "You. Stay. Away. From. Her. Or. I'll. Kill. You." then I threw her out the window. 

Ben came bursting through the door, "What's wrong?" He asked, obviously worried when he had heard me scream. 

"Nothing to worry about...I took care of it." I told him matter-of-factly as I dusted off my hands. 

The End

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