Well this day just got a whole lot complicated. All of the boys were in the cellar struggling with two of the ‘Black Ones'. William was watching over Lucinda who had being badly attack by them. And what was I doing? Cooking of all things. Just one word for it. Unbelievable. Something was different though in the kitchen. Things weren't where I put them. I couldn't put my finger on it, my hand went over the work surfaces. Then I looked up to the ceiling, starch marks.

"Jake!" I shouted hitting my own hand on the newly starched work surfaces. Then instantly, as my hand hit the surface it was back to normal. "This house is soo strange."

"Are you ok Ellie?" Zoey asked me coming to the kitchen door, holding a plate.

"Yer, fine. Just this house." I say gusting around me.  She nodded in understanding.

"I know what you mean. Everything just here ready for us to us." She replied washing her plate.

"Any requests for dinner?" I asked her looking in the fridge. "I could do   lasagne; we got all of the ingredients."

"Sure, I love lasagne." Zoey told me dying her plate and looking around for a place for it to go.

"Here, I'll take that." I say taking the plate from her and putting it in the cupboard.

"Thanks Ellie, I better go and see who the others are getting on." She walked to the door but not before turning around and saying. "Ellie, you do know that."


"Don't take this the wrong way or anything. But you seem like my mum sometimes. You're cooking out of this world. "

I went still for just a moment thinking of my mum. Not meeting her eyes. "Thanks, Zoey." I mummer

"Ellie." Concern was in her voice as she spoke to me. "Are you sure your ok. I didn't mean anything by it."

"It's ok, Zoey. Just don't want to talk about it." I turned away from her taking things out for the lasagne. I was slightly glad when she left me. Just one tear, you can do it.

"No. I can't." I was specking to myself again.

Not even for your own mother? You haven't let one tear drop.

"I can't."

Waiting for the lasagne to cook, I started to doodle on some paper. I was lost in my work, trying to block everyone out. Luke noticed something last night, now Zoey. Believe me I have tried to cry, but i just can't let myself do it. I needed to be strong. Zoey was right. I did feel like the mum. I grew into that role at an early age. It was something you got used to. Looking out for others, being independent.

I grabbed a plate two plates for William and Lucinda I just hoped that she could eat something.

"Hey, I brought some food for you two...just in case you might be hungry..." I told William who had a book in his hands. Lucinda was still asleep.

 Wow! "Uh, thanks...I had no idea it was so late!" William said surprisingly as she I put the tray on the bedside. "Smells really good!" William told me breathing in my cooking.

I smiled at him, "Thanks!" she said brightly as she left the room. I went back down stairs. Everyone else was busying. I wanted to go and practice flying. My wings only came when I wanted or needed them. I happy that I finally found my power. I smiled to myself walking around the house, then  my eyes caught sight of the phone. Mostly everyone had called home by now, I've just being avoiding it.

No-one answered at home. Well what a surprise, dad not hearing the phone. Probably sleeping of a hang-over for a change. So instead I tried uncle B mobile. (His name Brandon, but when I was little I couldn't say it so then name stuck ever since), not answer there. This was ridicules! They didn't care. I stomped out the house, that's when I noticed Jade. And she wasn't alone. The Black ones had got to her. My wings shoot out from my back as I raced round the house. I went straight to Jake. Well throw into him was better way of putting it.

"Ellie, jes what I think your better flying outsi"-

"It's Jade she in trouble outside!" I shouted trying to find the others.

The End

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