I wiped the tears away from my eyes but didn’t feel any better, I wished my power was to be able to go back in time and change the past. I slouched onto the chair and hugged a pillow to my chest; my conversation with Jake had gone like this;

“Are you okay?” I had asked him, he hadn’t been himself since I kissed Marc; Marc had also been strange,
“Yeah. Why? Where’s Marc?” he asked staring at the wall, this confirmed it.
“You saw me didn’t you?” I whispered, I was so upset,
“Saw what?” He asked gruffly,

“Jake…” I began,
“I’m going to go find Ben. See if he wants that game now,” Jake stood up abruptly,

“I was upset Jake, I didn’t mean it.” I cried, he raised his palms to me,
“Jade, you don’t need to explain yourself. I’m fine. I hope you both are happy together. Two couples now then in the house. It’s getting like a little family isn’t is?” he added sarcastically. He stormed off down to the cellar, I sank back into the chair and that was where I was now. Feeling wretched. I wanted to become Atlantis and be sucked into the ground. The room was quiet but there was a commotion upstairs, I tuned in, “Lost for words are you?” said the voice. I got up, Zoey was in danger, I needed to fetch Ben, Mr Immortal. But wasn’t Jake with Ben? I groaned and ran down to the cellar,
“Ben!” I shouted, “Quick, intruder, Zoey’s bedroom!” I gasped. He looked up from the game of pool,
“Another one?” he asked,
“Go!” I ordered, he disappeared soon enough and there was an awkward silence. Jake watched me as I stood there, I didn’t know if I should leave or not. I swayed from foot to foot then sat down in a beanbag.
“Can we just forget it?” I asked, Jake ignored me and smacked the white ball against the black which went straight in. “Please?” I added. He looked up and me, his face unreadable,
“I can turn into a dragon,” he said simply,

“Well that is cool;” I smiled encouragingly, another awkward silence, “Spoken to you parents yet?” I asked, he shrugged,

“Didn’t even know I was gone,” he threw the snooker cue onto the table in anger,
“At least you have parents,” I offered, he shrugged,
“Some parents,” he spat. I stood up and went towards him offering my arms out into a hug, I wrapped them around him, the movement was stiff and he didn’t hug me back. Suddenly he disappeared and a fly flew passed my ear, I watched as he flew out the room as a little bug, I ran after him and caught him between my hands. Cupping my hands to stop him escaping I spoke,
“Look Jake, I know you’re angry and if I could go back in time and change it, I would. But it just happened and I wish it hadn’t, it didn’t mean anything and I don’t even like Marc in that way, I like you, you’re funny and sweet and OW!” I cried, he had morphed into a wasp and stung the inside of my hand; I let him fly off inspecting my wound. That had hurt!


Tears welled up again and I fled outside, running headless into something hard, I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up at a muscular man. I cried in shock and fear, he wrapped his hands around me and put his hand on my mouth so I couldn’t make a noise, he pulled me away from the house and out of sight.
“Make a noise and you’re dead!” he warned, he tethered me to a tree so I couldn’t move, he sat opposite me and smiled. “Ironic isn’t it?” he laughed, “No one knows you’re here, the only person who would know about this is you, and since you’re here, no one will hear our little conversation.” He grinned his white teeth gleaming. Even during these turn of events I couldn’t stop thinking of Jake,
“Tough isn’t it? Young love. I don’t have to deal with it anymore, I’m old and passed it, but I remember it. Us boys don’t mean to hurt you as much as we do,”
“What are you talking about?” I asked, he wagged his finger at me,
“No talking,” he scolded, “Jake likes you,” my eyes narrowed, how did he know about Jake? “How do I know about Jake?” he asked aloud, it was as if he could read my mind, “Yes, and I can,” he replied to my thoughts. “I know what you’re thinking!” he teased, I pulled against the ropes but they wouldn’t give.
“Oh sorry how rude of me,” he stood up and held his hand out, “I’m Critias,” he waited for a moment and then burst out, “Oh I forgot your hands are tied up.” He laughed to himself, withdrew his hand and leaned against a close tree. “The Atlanteans really did pick a motley crew to defend the world. You’re all engrossed in your own affairs that you’re blind to what’s happening, even you Jade, with your good eyesight, you’re blind!” he warned. I opened my mouth to speak but then closed it,
What is happening then?’ I challenged,
“Like I’m going to tell you!” he laughed, “Right now we’re just teasing you, its quite fun actually, Timaeus, remember him?” I nodded, “He’s our leader, it was his idea, you could try and find him but he’s never in the same place for over an hour,” he laughed.

‘Marc can track,’

“He can, but not effectively enough to find Timaeus, we’re just finding out what you’re capable of. I picked you to read your thoughts, you seem to think you know everything, especially after what you said to Timaeus, he doesn’t really like you. Strange really, you are quite pretty.” He touched my hair and stroked the side of my face,

‘Get off me!’ I screamed in my head.
“Make me,” he laughed and put his hands around my throat, “Remember, make a noise and you die,”

‘Leave me alone!’ I cried. He released my throat,
“I’m not ready to kill you, that’s Timaeus’ job. We sort of have our targets, Timeaus chose you, you know because he doesn’t like you. I chose your sweetheart Jake, he should be easy, he’s angry and distracted. I can picked at his mind and make him weak.”

‘Don’t you dare!’ I growled in my head.
“Face it Jadey, you’ll be long dead by that point,” he laughed.  “Anyway, Jake doesn’t have feelings for you, you’re just deluding yourself, why would he hurt you physically if he liked you? He thinks you’re annoying and wishes you’d leave him be,” Was this true? I wasn’t sure but why would Jake sting me if he even liked me just as a friend? I heard a growl from behind Critias, he turned slowly, I saw a huge grizzly bear ready to pounce at him. Jake! William was also stood there, his hands held out in front of him creating a whirlwind and so was Ellie circling above.
“Ah, Jake,” Critias clapped in happiness. “Ready to die?” he asked Jake rolling up his sleeves….

The End

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