Everything seemed to be whirling around us so quickly. Four of these strange persons arrived, attacking us with every chance they got. And as fast as they came, they left. We all appeared to wonder, what next, and when?

   Each person split up somehow, busying themselves with something. William had disappeared off to comfort Lucinda from her injury, as everyone else appeared occupied with some other thing. I climbed my stairs cautiously to my bedroom. As the one who has not found her powers yet, if I had any at all, I was the most vulnerable. I hated that feeling. Our enemies looked to have powers as well. How would I defend myself?

  Sighing, I opened my bedroom door, not caring to close it behind me as I walked to my window seat, gazing over the orchard. A whisper of a breeze brushed against my face, the aroma of a fine morning lingering in my nose. I looked out over our enclosed dome. Would I ever return home?

   I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, something that had not been there before. Furrowing my brow, I turned to my bedside table.  A picture frame. Slowly standing, I gently picked it up. I gasped, almost dropping it. It was one of my favorite pictures, the one by my beside at home.  With a knot in my throat, I glanced over the colorful picture of me with my twin sister, and our older sister, Anna, in my mother's garden, hydrangeas blooming behind us. Years ago, she had died, terribly ill. I was only ten, and she sixteen. Each time I looked at the picture, it brought a flood of old memories and emotions.

   A single tear ran down my cheek, as I ran my fingers over my sisters' faces. My eyes lingered on Anna's, her smile, her eyes frozen in time. I swallowed, trying to hold back more.

   "Aww, how sweet. Tears." mocked a voice from my window. I jumped, the picture falling from my hand and shattering on the floor.  A stranger sat on my windowsill, a man with chalky pale skin contrasting against freaksish black eyes and slick dark hair. My heart was racing, and I opened my mouth to scream, but no voice came out.

   He laughed most coldly, his eyes burning on me. I backed up, realizing my door was closed. I had not shut it..... "Lost for words, are you?" he chuckled. I hoped Jade would hear with her super senses and call the others. Trembling, I slipped my hand in my pocket, feeling for my amethyst. Would it do anything? Would it suddenly give me powers to protect myself?

   "Sweet girl. You can make this easy for the both of us. If you behave and come with me, I won't dare hurt you."  he said, his voice smooth and oily as he advanced on me.

    He reached and grabbed my arm, his grip tight. Gritting my teeth, I fought him, taking my free arm and punching him right in the nose.  He shrieked, flying back several yards to the other side of the room. Curled on the ground, he grabbed at his nose, blood spilling from it. Broken. I looked at my fist in amazement, dumbfounded.

  Before I could react, he leapt up so rapidly, blood staining his face, and held out his arm, as if trying to reach across the room. Instantly, I felt the breath escape my lungs, and a tightening around my throat. I gasped for air like a fish without water, flailing uselessly as I felt myself lift off the ground.  My vision began to falter, and the room spinning.  He was choking me, and I was dying.

   I heard the door break open, but it sounded so far away. I saw the flash of Ben's silvery fish scales before I felt an extraordinary release, dropping to the ground like a limp doll, my chest burning and head still spinning. 




The End

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